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Nick Thompson
16-12-04, 09:34 AM
Hello everyone,

I built a Robin Hood a few years ago and wanted to upgrade to a cobra. I was on a tight budget and when i saw a part built Pilgrim MKii with a bike engine going cheap i bought it. I took the bike engine out straight away and began the process of getting a car engine for it. The bike engine had been installed professionally but the guy had cut part of the chassis in the engine bay and also cut off the original engine mounts !
I was told by Pilgrim that because it was the old Cortina based kit a v8 wasnt suitable. I was told that it should be a Ford engine less that 140bhp. I wanted some sort of V burble and bought a 2.4i engine from an 87 Granada. I have since cleaned and rebuilt the engine and am about to try and fit it. I am now panicking because i am not sure that the 2.4i will fit. I know that the 2.3v6 was fitted to Sumo mk2 but mine is a fuel injected engine. Does anyone know if these are the same blocks??? (therefore having the same engine mounts and dimensions)
I would hate to have to get another engine after buying this one !

I am sure over the next weeks and months i will be posting lots of these questions.



16-12-04, 09:51 AM
Hi Nick and welcome

Can't help with the engine question. but if you have built a Robin Hood, you will be able to get over this problem in your sleep.

I built a Robin Hood Exmo in 1997, what a nightmare :eek:

Nick Thompson
16-12-04, 10:02 AM
Thanks Mike

The build video on the Robin Hood was a nightmare. Half of it was out of date. I like kit cars that are relatively straight forward to build not ones which require me having to solve someone elses design flaws. !!

Talk to you soon


16-12-04, 11:17 AM
We have a cortina based cobretti / dms viper with a 2.9v6 Granada cossie with all the injectors and stuff on. It is a git of a fit (had to move altenator to wrong side of engine, make new brackets etc).
We can send you pics of our ladder chassis to see if it bears any resemblance to yours.
Good luck whatever happens, and dont let it beat you.