View Full Version : Importing a M/C from the US

12-01-05, 11:37 AM
OK, I know it's not strictly Cobra related, But maybe there'll be someone here who can advise me.
I am looking at importing a (damaged) motorcycle into the UK from Illonois in the US. Is it straightforward? who should I speak to? is there anything I should know about importing a damaged vehicle?
Thanks guys, any advice, pointers greatly appreciated.


12-01-05, 05:49 PM

I have imported a number of cars from japan including a skyline for myself just before xmas. I think the system is much the same for bikes as cars.

Basically be very carefull!!

In particular the importation rules with regard to registration has recently become much more difficult and costly. If you want you can import as parts only but then it would be difficult, if impossible to get registered, there is 17.5% vat to pay plus 10% duty on a whole vehicle. I had to put the car through ESVA which requires a model report. No model report no registration!! Basically less than 10 years old needs ESVA older than 10 years no SVA at all.

not sure if USA is different, i don't think so.

i could go on all day, if you think this is any help I could expand more if you want.