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01-02-00, 06:56 PM
What quality was the SRC kit. I have been offered one built by the factory, how do they score out of ten. Is it worth buying one not SVA spec? I understand that someone bought the moulds, is this true? How would you go on if you needed a body shell or parts, heaven forbid, if you couldn't get the original. What would you expect to pay for a factory built car (leather ETC), Chevy v8 6.2 375 hp, Jag bits &
Auto box.

16-03-00, 07:55 AM
I was at a regional meeting last Sunday. One of
the folk there had finished an SR (one of the last) They said the chassis was great, but the
body work was not so good. One comment was not
complimentary about the fit of bonnet, boot and
Magazine reviews of completed cars were always
very enthusiastic though, so they appear to be
quite rewarding. The completed one at the regional meeting looked, sounded and went very
well indeed.

29-05-00, 06:00 PM
I built one of the last ones,I would say if youŽre a practical person and patient then this is a great kit.Chassis and fittings are well made.The body is not so good ie: you have to put in many hours to get doors ,bonnet,and boot right. Do this correct and youŽll have a car which looks good and will sell.I took two and a half years to complete,working most days 2-3hrs.
If I sold mine I would want upwards of 18,000.But its too fun to sell !!..