View Full Version : Space saver wheel/tyre

02-06-00, 07:55 PM
Can anyone out there give me the Jaguar part number for the aluminium space saver wheel/tyre as the Jag,main agents spares dept, cannot help me without a part number. I have an american space saver at the moment but it's got too small a rolling radius and I fear it will wreck the powerloc if used.

03-06-00, 07:47 PM
I was going to have a space saver spare for my
SRv8,but then I thought about it...where would
you put the flat you took off ? Anyhow if it helps
I was going to buy the spare from the XK 8 about
99 pounds as I recall.

03-06-00, 09:11 PM
The XK8 space saver is I beleive a steel wheel I think the one I want comes from a XJS ??