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01-08-02, 11:30 AM
Can any one advise what exhaulst wrap they have used and would they recomend it.
Or what alternatives is there paints etc.
There are two reasons for this request, the first is that I have the large type
chevy starter and have experianced it failing due to high tempertures,(no room
for heat sheild ) and the second is that the left foot got a bit warm on the way back from Duxford.
Please can any suppliers and approx prices be mentioned.

01-08-02, 03:54 PM
Hi Paul,
it was good to meet you at Duxford, BTW did you pass those templates back to the Dax guys for me ?
It seems a shame to wrap those nice polished headers but I dont like the sound of a cooked foot!
I'm still waiting for my two rearmost headers I hope they're on the way as I type.

Merlin motorsport can supply exhaust wrap 9.75 for 50mm x 5m.

Demon Tweeks stuff is 4.52 per metre or 120.60 for 27m.

looks like Merlin's is a lot cheaper.

Kev Davies :7

01-08-02, 04:29 PM
FYI GD sell exhaust wrapping at 3 per metre and recommend, I think, 25 metres in total.


PS, I just looked at prices from others in previous post. They range from 4.25 down to less than 2. Check out why, you only get what you pay for! It may be that they are identical and someone is simply making a higher margin but still worth the question.

01-08-02, 08:35 PM
Hi there Paul didn't get the chance to talk with you on Sunday
re the wrap I used the stuff from Real Steel (not cheap but good)as I have the same starter but another reason for using the wrap was to get the under bonnet temp down in total
Paul :-)

01-08-02, 08:54 PM

have a word with peter jones (club ed)he had access to some very good wrap....and cheap too...it is well worth a phone call....number in mag



02-08-02, 04:59 PM
What templates,
the answer is yes, I gave them to gary when he returned from looking at the
Nice to have meet you and looking forward to seeing you with your car next time.

02-08-02, 05:09 PM
Hello Paul
I looked for you but couldent see you, I wanted to show you my pipes with all the mods 4" outlets and restricktions altered as disscussed. I was going to ask
you to carry this out but while my tremec went back, roy at DJs done them.
I am intrested in the stainless door rubber caps if you have any.
Could always give the car a run over to puckridge.

02-08-02, 06:31 PM
I used the cooltek stuff from Merlin and double wrapped the manifolds and works great, you may need some of the strapping/clips that they do to secure the ends.


02-08-02, 08:11 PM
Hi there glad you got your pipes done makes a big difference don't they
re door caps if you want a pair they are 25 a pair polished or 15 as they come give me a call 07768602049 9-5 or email me