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06-08-02, 03:14 PM
I saw the first Cobra I have ever seen in our town today :7 . I made a fast U-turn, allmost hit a couple of "sleepwalkers", and went after the Cobra. I found it on a parkingplace, I jumped out of my car, I had to see it, maybe even talk to the owner. I coursed a traficjam, but who cares here was a Cobra. After a couple of minutes I had to move my car, and a the same time the owner came back and drove of. I thought the sound was a little strange, but it could be the sidepipes. I found it again on a gasstation, and know I could say hello to the driwer. He was german and was here for the holliday, and I was allowed to even SIT in the Cobra. I asked what he had in it, Ford or Chevy, and do you know what. IT WAS A VW!!!:o . That explain the sound. I couldnīt say anything, but thank you, and went home. I am sad and disapointed :'( . IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!


06-08-02, 03:48 PM

My condolences, however if you can make it to the Nurburgring this weekend, you can see some decent ones.

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06-08-02, 03:56 PM
Though might just let him off it was a 1000BHP (I think that's what the Bently ad. said) VW W12 engine!! :-)


06-08-02, 05:59 PM
This car (with VW engine) was featured in one of the kit car mags earlier this year. It looked like any regular Cobra 427 replica but had the engine at the back.........

I cannot for the life of me think why anyone anywhere with any ounce of common sense would ever spend a second contemplating building such a freak vehicle...

As they say, there's nothing as odd as some folk!