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dave ridgway
07-08-02, 11:22 AM

I have my SVA test on Wednesday next week and was just wondering what items (tools etc) you would reccomand to take to the SVA test with the car.

I have heard that you are aloud to make certain adjustments to the car during the test if required, what are the rules on this, what are you aloud to change ?

I'm not really nervous................honest !!!



07-08-02, 11:31 AM
A large brown envelope usually does the trick. :7 :D ;-) :7 :D :P

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dave ridgway
07-08-02, 11:34 AM
Would that be to replace my pants after driving the car for the first time !!!!

Happy Jim
07-08-02, 11:51 AM

Just been through at Yeading yesterday.

1. Get hair cut, forgot how much it whips about in an open top car :D
2. Take friendly attitude ! works wonders
3. They let me tinker with anything that I could fix "in a reasonable time"
4. Headlamps, they expect you to need to adjust and will allow you too (if you are nice)
5. Bag of zip ties
6. Sortment of Star washers (prove you used threadlock or use lock washers :-( )
7. Pennies for Bacon sarnies and tea.
8. Spanners and Socket set, torque wrench, to nip up those bits that rattle loose on the first run.
9. Towels to mop out interior when it starts to rain (which will be when you stop in the morning rush hour :'( )

I failed x( but not badly, got a list of niff/naff to fix which I'll do after a couple of weeks in Turkey.

Good luck (and enjoy the first drive)


dave ridgway
07-08-02, 11:54 AM
Hi Jim

Mine is also at yeading, what are the guys like over there ? What things did they fail you on ??



Happy Jim
07-08-02, 12:10 PM
Hi Dave,

Just about to do the SVA review bit in the forum but...

I had the guy let loose for the first time on his own (Malcolm), but he was very pleasant and constructive.

Got picked up for loose wiring (under dash, Plug leads loose (no guides), Batt pos rubbing on block).
Flex brake pipe of unknown manufacture therefore wanted to see letter stating it complied with the regs/original box (felt a bit peeved on this but conceded as he said he will be happy with a letter from kit manufacture stating its OK).
I managed to leave a sharp edge uncovered between the top of the door seal and the dash.
Too much movement on the steering rack.
Brake pipe too close to manifold.
Speedo inaccurate (my fault, I knew about it).
I was a little disheartened when I saw the long list of points, but after making a list of what I actually need to do it only equates to about 2 days work - so not that bad.

Everything they picked up I felt was a fair cop, and they were more than happy to show me why and explain how to fix/what would get it through.

They were very complimentary about the standard of build that they get from both GD and DAX - but they do still check everything.

They did mention that they had a kit through a couple of weeks back and the bloke got really bolshey (sp?) and appealed....and then lost, so softly softly is the best bit of advice I guess.

Good luck


(PS feel free to appologise for my trail of Oil through their bay

07-08-02, 01:09 PM
Hi Dave.

Glad you asked that question. I was going to post that one myself. I've got mine booked for Monday next week. Good luck.


07-08-02, 02:59 PM
Jim - sorry you failed, but I have to admit that the list you give re-affirms my belief in the validity of the SVA test. Your car will be safer for you wioth those items sorted.

Vince - Dave - take the tools you need to tighten and fettle - plus of course supporting evidence for your engine's age, and any receipts you have provinf SVA compliance of parts.
During my own test, I adjusted headlamp aim and engine tickover mixture opn the line.


PS -Vince, be careful, they might not allow lefthanded screwdrivers in the building!

07-08-02, 03:59 PM
Come on guys - it really has to be said that in terms of safety the SVA is at best fairly superficial & at worst perfunctory. It doesn't deal properly with any structural design & suitability issues but instead focuses on whether you are likely or not to get your jewellry caugth in the Moto-Lita ! Whether its gotten any better in the last three years I don't know. Yes, it probably does prevent the majority of really dross 'Death Traps' (not generally Cobras but a few other kits & conversions ) from ever seeing tarmac , but on the whole its just another load of me-too euro-style bureaucracy ..


07-08-02, 05:35 PM

I agree with most of the other posts.

My AK passed first time about a month ago, make sure you read the SVA manual from front to back and inwardly digest, I say this because the prat inspector I had was going to fail mine on numerous small points, I had read my manual the night before and had the ammunition to constructivley argue the fail points which he had miss interpreted.

Good Luck, Its not as bad as you think.


07-08-02, 05:40 PM
Pete - valid points, but the SVA we have is better than what we had before - i.e. no checks at all. And the alternative is full type-approval????


Happy Jim
07-08-02, 08:04 PM
Have to agree with Wilf, I actually value someone else crawling over my car and telling me points that a) could hurt me or b) could hurt others. It's too easy to ignore the bits we don't want to see



08-08-02, 12:02 AM
All good points well made.

Unless she fails of course. Then they will all be a load of Beurocratic jobs worth morons.


Steve Senior
08-08-02, 01:39 PM
Passed my SVA this week on the second attempt after a slightly noise exhaust on the first attempt.

The other failure points on the first test were so minor I had the repairs completed in 15 minutes.
One point to watch is you may be asked to prove the components used meet the SVA requirement. I have stainless braided hoses and a statement from the supplier stating they had been pressure tested. These items were not questioned but the bit of rubber hose from the reservoir to the master cylinder was, Andy supplied the data sheet to prove the hose was suitable for brake fluid.

Second test took less than 20 minutes, straight to VRO, Registered and Taxed and on the road within a couple of hours. :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7


08-08-02, 03:47 PM
Congrats Steve - now enjoy, but be careful whilst you learn how that beast handles!