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02-10-00, 06:31 PM
Hi all im new to this so please be gentle .I want to build a cobra i dont know much about the ac 427 but i have raced big block fords (in super street drag racing) so i know the engines quite well.
Firstly i dont know where who or what body kits there are around where do i go what questions do i need to ask and .I am very practical and good at fabricating most of the bits needed for my drag car ,but this is a new concept for me road legalities and all that .I have loved the AC cobra from a very young age,and have been in many kit cars but i want to do beter and own one but know very little about them,please help as im now in a position to be able to build one .Mant thanks Ian without an AC .

03-10-00, 09:40 AM
Hi ian without an AC, meet Robert with a GD.

OK, on to business. Have a look in the articles section on this site, and look at decisions decisions. It will give you a very broad overview on choosing a cobra.
Its really a question of what you want, do you want an authentic replica, or a car that handles properly, what budget do you have, as you can build a good Crendon, DAX or Gardner Douglas for about 16K.

Also visit the local regional meet, details are on the site, talk to other owners and find out how many problems there have been with the build.

Visit the manufacturers, but don't get carried away with all those shiny bits, get a ride in the demonstrator.

They might all look the same, but some are worlds apart in terms of build quality, handling, etct etc.

Happy Hunting

Robert :-) :-)