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17-03-05, 06:18 AM

dropped in after trolling on this site for years, slowing down for retirememt, and say hi from TEXAS.

i've always been amazed at the UK ingenuity on coming up with new start fresh paper ideas instead of modifying an existing item.

another item on the thinker, it's amazing that we search for horsepower in the colonies and TEXAS (due to all those great long straighaways), but FORD chose the small JAGUAR built V8 to power the THUNDERBIRD now cancelled due to "weak engine". the day I first drove one I could not figure why the lincoln 4V engine wasn't an option and discussions sprang up all over the place just to be squashed by FORD that absolutely it would not raise the horsepower or change the engine in it, not those same voting/management idiots in FORD have killled the good looking retro ride car for a reason the public told them of and complained about from day one.

oh well, if any over there need questions on stateside COBRAs or the original AC/COBRA just drop an eMail to admin@grumpysgarage.com.
ya'll have good day, now hear.


23-03-05, 06:23 PM
You sure gotta purdy maarth, boy...

Your straight highways are great except the speed limit is too damn low... it's a shame that you guys build some great engines and then mate them to soggy automatic transmissions that sap about 85% of the power. I'm driving a Chrysler Sebring with a 2.8L V6 and it's only marginally quicker than walking...

Still can't beat that V8 grunt...

24-03-05, 03:40 PM
Yea, the speed limits suck, but it's a cash cow for the states and municipalities. The average joe over here just pays and never looks back.
To date I have installed a ratio of 9:1, big blocks with toploaders to every small block. I personally have never had a slush box COBRA, Mustang, truck, and my cars, the little woman will not have a manual.
That said we have in the line a copy of CSX3015 that was the twin blower 428 (carrolls pet), yep a C6 behind it just tp make a good reproduction foe the client.
What's petrol up to now at you local filling station, here in Texas we are going towards the mid $2 per gallon range.
Have a good day and wipe that smile off your face.

24-03-05, 06:49 PM
$2 per gallon, eh?
I'm living in Canada at the moment where gas is a little more expensive than the States, but in the UK I believe it is about 90p a litre, which works out at 3.40 a gallon (US) which is $6.36...

The place you want to be in Venezuela where I believe gas is about 4C a gallon (or litre... not sure which - it's still damn cheap)