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16-12-00, 10:06 AM
Half way through my build and realised I've got a lot invested.

Seen a few ads for insurance, but anyone recommend a real good deal with examples.

Would like build cover as well.

Thanks in advance.


18-12-00, 08:32 PM
Julian, I have always insured my kit through Osbourne and Sons the brokers - they were also able to arrange build during construction though that was some 9 yeras ago.

A 3000 mile annual policy fully comp for myself (40 years old with full NCD) was costing about 270 pa until a small incident with a wall last year.... it is now costing me 380 pa


07-01-01, 05:59 PM
Can you give me a Tel No. for Osbourne's

08-01-01, 07:55 PM
Julian, the number that I have for Osbournes is in the UK 020 8388 6000 and fax 020 8388 6099 - ask for the kit car department.

Good luck and regards,


19-01-01, 07:47 PM
Try Backfords they have an advert in the snake torque. I have my Dax with them for 312 with 3000 miles per year and 23000 agreed value any engine size and up to three named drivers (over30) I also had build cover with them and they go pro-rata
so if you have six months cover and want to change to main cover after say 3 months you pay the difference.Also free green card (if you want to go to Le'man)