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15-08-02, 07:48 PM
Hi again lads,Looking through the kit car mag i counted approx 28 cobra`s for sale,In various makes & colours.As your aware,Im looking(still)Myself to either build or part build one.But with ALL these cars for sale(and thats without whats advertised elsewhere)What chance is there of selling the car in a couple of years time or whenever should i wish to ??????.Do you think All these cars get shifted on ?.Or is there a lot of disappointed people with cars left thats not really practical......:P

15-08-02, 09:54 PM
Kev, fact is that this is a limited market. Who knows if cars languish unsold? Certainly any car that is incorrectly registered will, as will anything with poor build quality.
Having said that, if you build/buy a good car, SVA it and finish it to a decent standard, it should sell.
Don't forget that the kit mags often leave ads in for far more than the one issue you pay for - when I sold my old car a couple of years ago, the kit mag was still running the ad 4 months later, even tho' I only paid for one months insertion!!
Whilst I have always advised newcomers to this hobby to keep an eye on future resale values (and don't expect to get back 100% what you spend on it in parts, leave alone valuing your own time to build it) the fact remains that they are dream cars, bought with the heart, not the head.
If your heart is set on one, and it is a dream of yours, go for it. Life is too short.


16-08-02, 01:13 PM

I agree with Wilk's view of the magazine ads. I bought my Dax thro a kit mag about 2 years ago and it was stll being advertised 3/4 months after I'd bought it. Why not ring a few of the cars being advertised and see if they are still for sale?