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31-03-05, 08:09 PM
What do you call a collection of Tonys? Easy, it's SVA day at Sittingbourne.

I took my car (I am now thinking of it in those terms, as opposed to a pile of bits I attempted to bolt together) for its SVA today. In attendance were Tony Chesney (Pit Stop Mechanic, supplier of last minute tools and generally calming me down), Tony Mahoney from Ramsgate (to see what went on and to lend moral support) and Tony from Sittingbourne ( who was a star for turning over his driveway, garage, tools and various bits of spare metal plus cups of tea).

That only leaves the most important member of the band, Tony the SVA tester. What are the odds?

I have heard and read about various hooror stories regarding the SVA but I have to say that the guys at Sittingbourne (temporary home for Gillingham until June [the rebuilding work is 6 weeks behind schedule for anyone that needs to know]) were absolutely brilliant. They could not have been more helpful and that includes those not directly involved in testing my car.

By way of example, one side of the exhaust failed the emissions test so badly (H/C reading of around 3700!) but Tony took 3-4 attempts and helped me to reset the mixture & idle sppeds to get through as well as letting me drive around the ind estate for a few minutes to clear the system (it did pass eventually).

He also allowed various rectifications for minor failures as well as loaning the use of the ramps for various attempts at sorting out the problem with the speedo sensor which unfortunately couldn't be resolved.

End result a failure on this point only and even then Tony said if I could sort it out andhave the car back at the SVA centre by 3 ish then he would retest it for me.

The point is that not all SVA testers are ogres out to fail kit cars for the fun of it. All of the guys today were friendly and helpful, going out of their way to offer tools, assistance and advice and if any of them are reading this THANK YOU.

Thanks also to those previously mentioned. Unfortunately I won't be driving my cobra to Detling but will have to settle for Stoneleigh! All in all a day of :-( & :D with a little (?) :angry: thrown in.

Andy S
31-03-05, 08:13 PM
sorry to hear that mate, but ay least it doesnt sound toooooooo serious and hopefully fairly easily resolved, pop up to Detling anyway and have another cup of tea with the rest of us.

31-03-05, 08:27 PM
Sorry to hear your news.
Things ain't as bad as they seem it can be fixed, so after all the time you spent building it a couple more day's should not faze a chap who has gone through all the emotions you've been through today.
As Andy S has said see you at Detling for a cuppa and smile you should be proud of yourself.