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19-08-02, 11:02 PM
In my yoof, I used to install data cables, but back then they were proper cables, coax as thick as my arm.

Anyway, I digress.

There were 3 of us working in a famous hospital in London where they did a lot of teaching. One of the rooms we had to install a data point in had a mortuary table in the middle where they used to cut up bodies to teach the students what it was all about.

We went in there one day and there was a body covered by a sheet on the table, so that got the grey matter working.

As we were a bit under pressure, we had to get some labourers in to help pull the cables in etc, and one of these labourers was a real mouthy so and so, so in the pub that evening the 3 of us hatched a little plan.

The next day we were due to work in the room again, so borrowed a sheet from our hotel and went to work. One of the other guys got up on the table and hid under the sheet, and we then got the labourer to help us in the room.

He kept looking over at the table with the "body" on it, covered with a sheet, and after a couple of minutes, we said why don't you go and have a look. About 10 minutes later he had plucked up the courage to take a peek.

Just as he lifted the corner of the sheet, the guy under the sheet let out a huge roar and sat bolt upright.

The labourer turned on his heels and ran straight into the door, the only problem was the door opened inwards, not outwards. He knocked himself out cold, so we had to take him to casualty (just round the corner) and when he came to he started gibbering about a body that was still alive.

It did take some explaining, however the casualty nurse was ever so accommodating after I took her out for a couple of drinks.

Thats mee done, NEXT.

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20-08-02, 12:40 AM
When a few years ago i was working as a Nurse the other Nurses thought it would
be great fun if i took the place of one of the patients and dress up in her cloths and get into her bed, which i did complete with hairnet and dressing gown
the patient was in the en-suite bathroom calling for a Nurse, The Sister entered the room pulled back the curtains , saw me and said in a strong Irish
accent " Graham if you want to dress up in womens cloths that's ok with me"
and she promptly walked out , leaving feeling a right prat, the other Nurses had sure wound me up. on another occasion when performing the last rights we were getting a body ready for the motuary, a young student Nurse was helping and this was her first time with a corpse, she was very nervous and a bit frightened, and the atmosphire was tense, so as to cheer things up i lifted the arm of the corpse (without her seeing) and gently touched her. It's quite
remarkable how loud a young women can scream when frightened. However after that
she became used to it.}> }> }> :D

20-08-02, 08:55 AM
Yes Rob, mortuary humour was rife years ago. When I was training there was a rumour about a medical student who when asked for 'a hand' did so literally! - dont know if he made it in medicine. (Hes probably a professor somewhere now) Anyway to my funny/scary story. We've recently moved to a new house & a couple of weeks ago our neighbours opposite were due to move in. I came home in the evening to find a trail of destruction. The lamp-post opposite was at a 45 degree tilt, there was a new car on the drive with a smashed window, & an TV aerial hanging off the roof!! I understand that within hours of moving my new neighbour had reversed his van into the lamp-post without knowing, locked himself out of the car, & out of frustration tried to fix a TV aerial on the roof so he could forget about it all & watch telly!!
And so the funny/scary thing is..... he's a pilot for BA!!!!!!! Guess I'll watch who I fly with in future


(It'll only be a 5 minute job)