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clive a brown
20-08-02, 01:06 PM
Hi guys - Under braking I get a sever steering shake Its worst at low speed 30 40 mph but is there on all applications of the brakes.
Its not transmitting through the brake peddle and as far as possible Ive checked the tightness of all of the suspension and steering I have found and replaced a worn anti roll bar drop link bushes and rose joint what should I do next?
Regards Clive

20-08-02, 03:32 PM
Hi Clive,
it sounds to me like you may have a worn top or bottom ball joint or joints, that's assuming you haven't got warped or worn brake discs.
Both of the above would potentially give your symptoms.

ps. the cheques in the post for the shields.

Kev Davies

20-08-02, 07:41 PM
Hi Clive good meet Sunday I thought, You did mention this but we then drifted to some other subject as you do! Sounds like warped disc to me as the other guy says. You have had a brake problems for a while, perhaps the old discs have been getting to warm? Eric.:)

20-08-02, 08:21 PM
Most likely is warped discs - you can remove them easily and have the run out checked. Replacement discs are also not expensive - get good quality ones if you do replace them.

Other less likley things that you do not mention you have alreadt checked:
Caliper mounting - mounting bolts should be wired to prevent them coming loose. If not they may be loose.
Badly worn wheel bearing - easy to check with the wheel jacked off the ground.
Top and bottom swivel joints - some older ones adjust with shims - see Jag workshop manual for how to set correctly if yours has these.

Good luck

20-08-02, 09:56 PM
I'd go for warped discs too.....can happen if you get them too hot. It may be worthwhile getting the discs skimmed if theres enough "meat" on them.....shouldnt cost more than 10 per disc.


clive a brown
21-08-02, 08:09 AM
Kevin, That's an old one - the cheques in the post - thanks

Have put a DTI on the discs and their true to within 2 thou

so I'll pull the joints next

Regards Clive

21-08-02, 08:21 AM
Clive just had a thourght If all else fails, I once had a car with the same problem replaced every thing you can think of; two grand latter still had the same problem!! (Severe shake when brakes applied only)

I then had the wheels balanced on the car as opposed to off, problem solved!!
It was a Macpheron strut set up true, but it worked in this particular instance. The only problem I found was finding a sufficiently educated Kev who wanted to do the job, or could opperate the machine required!

all the best Eric.:-)

21-08-02, 10:32 AM
Dont discount the possibility of bent rims or out-of-round tyres. Maybe the tyres have flatspotted due to standing?? Had this problem myself a long time ago.


clive a brown
21-08-02, 10:34 AM
Wilf, Thanks for the thoughts - but problem exists with both sets of wheels!

Regards Clive