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28-08-02, 11:00 AM
Hi Guys,
In the light of Vinces recent problems with mirrors I thought I'd pose this question.

My Dax is getting very close to SVA time, I have drilled holes for my mirrors outboard of the Screen pillars at the back of the front wings.
My mirrors were supplied by Dax so hopefully are SVA compliant. (when fitted to the screen pillar).
My concern is that because where I'm mounting the mirrors I may fall foul of the vision around the rear wheel arch.
Has anyone had this experience recently or am I setting myself up to fail SVA?

If I mount the mirrors on the screen pillars just for the test and move them post SVA I'll have four unsightly holes in the screen pillars.

any comments or advice.


Kev Davies

28-08-02, 03:00 PM

I used the Dax mirrors and mounted them on the WIndscreen pillars.

In fact they are still there.

They do not looka snice as the original style which pass throug the body shell.

I took a couple of rubber cups to cover up the nuts on the back of the mirror.

Did not have any problems with the rear view, even though the view in the nearside one is partially obscured by the windsreen pillar.

The mirrors do interfere slightly with the side screens, I had to modify the profile slightly.

The mirrors themselves are very useful, the view from the dash mounted rear view mirror being fairly limited.

I will probably remove mine when I come to paint it next year.

It will leave a couple of holes but you can just put a couple of countersunk screws in to make it look as if they were meant to be there.

Which test centre are you ging to use ?

Best regards

Mark Trinder;-)

28-08-02, 03:29 PM
As far as I know, rear view mirrors mounted on the wing will fail the line of sight requirements at SVA. Only mirrors mounted on the windscreen pillars will passs this. Otherwise all you see is rear wing.

I made up a simple ally plate, which screwed under two of the windscreen pillar mouinting screws (you will need longer screws and be careful they are not too long or your windscreen will crack), and then in turn it was drilled and tapped to mount an ugly SVA compliant mirror. The plate was radiussed along its long edges as needed by SVA - took lots of filing.
Only had one on the drivers side, I don't think the SVA requires one on the passenger side, but if you do have one, it also must comply with the line of sight requirements.

I now have, post SVA, a similar arrangement, but with a more visually pleasing Raydot mirror, (as per originals) still would pass SVA I think.



28-08-02, 03:43 PM
Thanks for the advice guys.

My test will be at the Cardiff test centre which is only 3 miles from my house. (it's actually not in Cardiff at all) about 15 miles out at Llantrisant.
Don't you love the Welsh names.

I'm sure with tips from yourselves I'll fit the mirrors to the screen pillars and plug the body holes for the test.

thanks again guys.

Kev Davies

Chris Jones
28-08-02, 05:02 PM

I was driving through Llantrisant at the weekend as I had to go and see the girlfriend's relatives. I passed a couple of crowds outside each of the pubs in town and all I heard was 'It's a f**king AC Cobra' in full Twin Town accent.

I wish you well once the SVA is complete and let's hope they don't nick your car to do donuts on the local rugby pitch like the film



28-08-02, 07:50 PM
Kev, post your SVA E marked mirrors in the same place as the Lucas type / Normal fitting Cobra type mirror goes, if thats where you want them at the end of the day?? Use Marina, TR7/8 or Mini. once you have got through the test fit your Lucas/Cobra type mirrors back in the same hole 13 mm right next door to the screen pillar. I dont think I have seen anybody in the CRC with rear marmite arches as big as mine, This at the time of SVA was no problem. If my memory serves me correctly field of vision involves all three mirrors? I am sure some one will put me right if thats not correct. All the best Eric. :D

28-08-02, 09:09 PM
on the subject of mirrors, where have you guys mounted your central rear view? My car does not have one yet, and I was wondering whether the dash mounted ones, or the ones on the stainless pole give better rear visibility?, my car is SVA exempt so no concerns there, just practcality really.

28-08-02, 10:06 PM
Nick forget any idea of a central mounting pole mid screen with or without a tensioner. They shake so much they give you the gitters l9ike you have MS!! Much better to mount it on the body with telescopic adjustment (MGA or XK140 type) Mount two mirrors lucas style in the normal position if you want it to look Cobra type. The best mirror I have in addition is a peep custom mirror obtainable from Europa 80mm or 100mm which is fitted on the top off/side of the screen with this you can see more than the other three put together! Hope this helps Eric.:D :D

28-08-02, 10:28 PM
Hi Kev.
You can / and i do mount the Dax mirror (Just the drivers side) by counter sinking the lowest screen pillar to screen frame screw hole on the inside and fixing the mirror with one screw through this hole, it has to be pretty tight as you have only one screw holding the mirror in place. Then after SVA you can remove the mirror, replace the screw to the frame....No unsightly holes, job done.
Also fit the Dax Dash mirror with the plastic head and your mirrors will easily comply with just those two. Replace the plastic convex mirror head with the chrome one after SVA.

Swapping the mirrors for non SVA compliant ones after the test is against the rules, but i guess you already knew that.}> }> }> }> }> }>

29-08-02, 07:47 AM
Nice one Dave!

A cunning stunt. }> }> }> }>

Just need to find a couple of suitable blanks/ grommets for the body holes.


Kev Davies

29-08-02, 02:42 PM
Finish Line in the US http://www.cobraaccessories.com/ffhome.html
has a mirror mount for the windshield frame. Go to their site and put 'mirror' in the search box. First hit will bring you to the one pictured below: