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01-09-02, 10:23 AM

I'm new to the forum and the Cobra world and after a little advice. I have my eye on a ready built CAV Cobra replica. This was professionally built in South Africa in 1993 and imported to the UK when it's owner moved over here. In Jan 03 it will be 10 years old and will not need to undergo SVA to be registered, hence at the moment it is not. The advice I was after is, if I buy it:

Does anyone know anything about the CAV replica - the little info I have is that it is a very high quality, and very expensive originally, product?
When registered, will I be able to get an age related plate rather than a Q?

I'd be very grateful for your time and advice. Thanks.


01-09-02, 11:36 AM
Are you sure it is a CAV, as I thought they only did Mk1 GT40 Replicas.


Cape and California Advanced Vehicles are the same company.

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Ian D c
01-09-02, 12:38 PM
I also have a South African built cobra rep its a KCC ,apparently better than a shamrock but not as good as a Superformance .I got it a week ago from sovereign cars near Andover ,still getting to know the car needs some work but drives very well 5.7 chevy . Phone nos and web addresses can be found on totalkitcars it might help you with your reaserch.Rob great issue of Snake torque.:-)