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Marty V6
14-05-05, 11:44 AM
Bit of an update as to what I have done with my Cobra over the winter.

I 'sorn'ed my Sumo over winter with the idea of tidying it up a touch. I bought the car second hand and knew when I got it that I would have to spend some time and money on it. Actualy the "some time and money" seemed to turn into lots of time and even more money.

So over the winter I have more-or-less re-wired it and wired in extra fuse boxes, extra relays, stereo, fuel pump cut off switch, fan over-ride switch. I threw out the original dash which wasnt good, and made up a new one with some extra gauges. I used a pilgrim wooden dash as a pattern and modified it to thicken up some of the parts of it - the new Pilgrim dash that I bought split under the glove box when I tried to mount it in the car. I also managed to shape the dash so that the bottom of it moved away from the gear lever - as there has always been a problem with the proximity of the gear lever to the dash. Its an auto (for now) and in 'park' the lever used to touch the dash, right where the control for the heater was. Result was often poorly fingers.

Mounting the head unit of the stereo in the dash meant that the heater had to be moved. So I relocated that to the passenger footwell space under the scuttle, and re-routed the ducting and pipework. I have used the remote heater linkage from Europa to still give control to the heater as I now cant reach it directly.

The original carpets in the car were renewed and I also installed new carpets in the boot which had been bare when I bought the car (Pilgrim pattern carpets leave something to be desired - they just dont fit).

I swapped the rear suspension bushes for poly bushes; remounted the fuel pump on rubber bushes to reduce the noise from it and mounted a secondary pump next to it in case of failure, and fitted the fuel filler pipe properly!! No wonder the boot smelled of petrol....

I also replaced the sump after it started leaking after I took the car off the road over winter. Closer inspection revealed that I had managed to split the sump during its last outing before winter. Took the opportunity to put in a temp sensor and this yet needs to be wired to the back of the gauge.

I still need to complete the dash - ie cover it and put a metal backing on it to retain its shape before its covered or I think it will split the covering. There are also some minor trim items to finish putting on.

I was getting a bit weary of working on it without being able to drive it, but it all seems to have been worthwhile now - something to do with the sound of a howling V8 I think....

Hopefully I will be at Elvington with it - as long as nothing drops off on the way



14-05-05, 04:34 PM
Can U give me the Europa number for the remote heater control. I cant see one on their site???

Marty V6
14-05-05, 07:31 PM
Hi Steve

I have an issue 19 9/04 Europa Catalogue. Dont know whether its the most up to date one though.

Item was on page 106 of this issue, and had the code number 3shsc.

Good luck