View Full Version : Fibreglass challenge!

17-05-05, 08:32 AM
Having had a price for the fitment of my body, sorting out all the problems with it and then painting it, and even sorting out the day to take it to him (on the phone only last week) he has just let me know that he is shutting up shop!:angry:

Any fibreglass experts out there fancy a challenge.... helping me sort out my body!

I am also looking for somewhere (preferably in the East Midlands area) who might be up for painting it so if anyone has some suggestions then that would be helpful too. I'm afraid that money is rather tight given the problems I have had during my build but obviously the body is the first thing a person looks at when they see a Cobra so it will have to be a comprimise.

Thanks guys...

Andy S
17-05-05, 10:46 AM
Iain drop Tony M a private message he had a pretty good paint job done on his that wasnt stupid money, somewhere in your neck of the woods.