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19-05-05, 08:23 PM
I wan't these in chrome any ideas??????

19-05-05, 08:30 PM
A chrome plater might be able to help but I am not sure whether it will stick too well to the wooden bit.

19-05-05, 08:39 PM
Thanks mylesdw
The people at Magnum said theirs couldn't be chromed as it would effect the baffling inside. Now I know very little about chromeing, but surely to chrome something like this all the orifices are bunged up.
These particular pipes are from the states 16 Gauge mild steel side pipes, glass pack, aluminized 3" core. OEM Style.
I want to buy British at least I can inspect before I buy.

Alaska Gray
19-05-05, 08:41 PM
:thumb: Hi Dave
Chrome dos'nt mix with road dirt wet and salt better to go stainless
but if you want chrome Hythe chrome resteration might be able to help
Number in workshop will post tomorrow

Regards Graham

19-05-05, 08:49 PM

Would appreciate that number.
Had a quote for someone to do s/s and my wallet jumped out of my pocket and ran down the street.
Not to mention the wardrobe growning over the thought of a dozen new pairs of shoes for Lucy.

Alaska Gray
19-05-05, 08:50 PM
Dave power speed near Ashford will make them in stainless for you
he dose a very good job


19-05-05, 08:52 PM

I can't believe you're gonna do it - that's a real shame......

To make matters worse I tried to get some of your rear tyres today and they don't make 'em anymore :(

19-05-05, 08:52 PM
You have mail. Get them done in black with that coating specialist! Look nice with your white car.

19-05-05, 08:56 PM
Hi Dave,
Have you considered ceramic coating ? CamCoat in Warrington, Cheshire can do this process. Tel:- 01925-445688
I'm sending mine up there for a satin black finish. It's supposed to last a long time & resists road dirt & moisture etc.
They can also do a chrome like effect coating as well as some other colours although black is the colour that takes the most heat.
Hope this helps.

19-05-05, 09:09 PM
Thanks Roger

Dave I have no mail??

19-05-05, 10:12 PM
www.powercraftengineering.com make their own stainless pipes aswel. They have someone that is knowledgeable on the sva (non slashcut, smooth rolled ends) aswel. May be worth a look.
Kevin & Helen

19-05-05, 10:18 PM
Dave, Have you seen Madgwick side pipes??

20-05-05, 02:37 PM

Yes I do really like Madgewicks sidepipes and they sound fantastic.
But they aren't these. In shiny chrome or S/S.

20-05-05, 03:25 PM
how about these on ebay, item number is 7975261242 dunno how to post the link to em...

20-05-05, 06:15 PM
Thanks Ben

Took a look and not quite sure what they are made of (chrome, s/s).

I presume they are designed to fit a standard rover with a bit of flexi-tube.
However me not knowing what I'm talking about maybe somebody else would know.
If they are for a rover would they be suitable for a ford 302 300bhp?
In theory To fit them to my car I would have to have two 4 into 1 collectors, one from the manifold to the end of the pipes then include the one on the pipes. Maybe I should just shrink away quietly before I make myself look more stupid.

Andy S
20-05-05, 06:22 PM
Dave what do your headers look like, any photos as I cant remember, coz there has to be a way of linking them up, just depends how much work thats all... maybe an adaptor piece from your 4 pipes into the 4into 1 collector thats all and that way get around any issues with fitment etc, but if youve got to change headers anyway due to having underslungs at present it wont be a problem as the new headers can be made up to fit the new pipes.

20-05-05, 06:30 PM

I agree that new headers it's got to be regardless.
But there ain't a lot of room to construct another 4 into 1

Remember? this picture is nearly two years old but it gives you an idea.

Andy S
20-05-05, 06:46 PM
Dave I'm no expert, no honestly I'm not, but looking at the full set of photos on e-bay it appears that the 4into1 is all one piece to the very small 2" connection to the headers, so doesnt that mean that your headers will come together into a 2" connection then open up again into the 4no pipes that turn outside then reduce down again into the side pipe. Sounds like a very strange setup. But the 4ino1 and 2" pipe setup appears to be 1 complete unit welded together, so unless your going to cut them about, ie get rid of the 2" section and turn your headers straint into the collectors it might not be worth it and maybe the reason he's getting rid of them. As I said I'm no expert on the subject just my observations / thoughts. Probably totally wrong, and no doubt someone much cleverer than me on this subject will give you the correct answer......he he

20-05-05, 06:50 PM
Dave, that's why I said Madgwick, at least you know that they will fit your car.

20-05-05, 07:56 PM

Madgewicks pipes are my second choice. They are really expensive somewhere in the 1500 mark.

20-05-05, 08:20 PM
If it's your second choice, how are you going to get a new set of manifolds to fit the side pips??


Madgewicks pipes are my second choice. They are really expensive somewhere in the 1500 mark.

30-05-05, 12:07 PM
You can't have them chromed if the baffles are alluminumised, As there are very few if no places in th uk that chrome ally, ( unless you are spending big money!)

If you want cheap side pipes then better get them powder coated. If you have them ceramic coated then you might as well get st/st

30-05-05, 03:48 PM
Thanks Guy's

Looks like I'll be importing them. It works out loads cheaper than anywhere I've found in good old blighty.
I will have new headers made locally out of mild steel and have stainless pipes of my choice.
Stay tuned as I'll post the url's as soon as I can varify the price accurately with import duty and stuff.

30-05-05, 05:21 PM
Dave - not gonna try and talk you out of it again, don't worry!

But I do think you should consider getting a roll hoop - it might look a little odd with chrome sidepipes and no hoops, half SC half roadster :confused:

30-05-05, 10:26 PM


not sure if mine resmbles anything at the moment as I've fitted removable side windows.:thumb: