View Full Version : FRIDAY A1 convoy to Elvington

simon finlay
21-05-05, 04:20 PM
What times are you South East guys expecting to be passing various pick up points going up the A1 on friday so we can join the convoy and is anyone organising a contact phone no for us to ring to check on your progress? I am hoping to meet you on the way up at either Peterborough or Grantham and I am sure that a few more would like some info so we can join in the run north. I have a passenger to pick up in Grantham at the Travel Lodge so should here you rumbling up the road. Simon

Steve H
21-05-05, 05:52 PM
I to would like to join the convoy, im coming from petreborough.


22-05-05, 02:06 PM
Simon, have you checked through the SE Expedition thread? I recall many of us, sorry, them :-( were starting from around 10 or 11am.

simon finlay
22-05-05, 03:10 PM
Thanks Paul I will check that thread but it has been running for a while so I was just getting an update, Simon