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23-05-05, 08:05 PM
Chaps, I am now down to counting the days and hours till SVA instead of months. I believe I have asked all the questions I need to as far as finishing my build is concerned, there may be a few little ones but nothing I can really think will be to mentally taxing.

What im after now is any relevant info or tips that need to be done prior to SVA, please state the obvious as there are so many legalities spinning in my head for the test I may have forgotten something silly.

I have the SVA kit from pilgrim on order and im sure I know what has to be done. I have beefed up the Pilgrim supplied steering bracket as mentioned in anoither post. Torqued everything up, bled brakes, checked every niut and bolt for two threads, secured everything probably twice as much as required and generally made tidy everything that should be.

Is there any willing person from the southwest area that might like to come and cast there eye over my creation before I take it to the dreded station for its cavity search. Where is Mr Mike T when you need him, he would be just the chap to have a look.

Anyone else is more than welcome and there is plenty of tea and your name added to the ever increasing list of whos getting a ride if your willing to come give it the once over.

Thanks in advance


24-05-05, 04:48 AM
Thinking back, height of fog light with a full tank of fuel, mounted mine under the nudge bars and found they were 20mm too low, easy fix mounted them the other way up.

Noise levels
Make sure rear wheels dont lock up, quick road test.
Pad everything under the dash.
My car was running for most of the test, stop start dozens of times, overheating can be a problem.

Just off the top of my head but you get the drift.

Take a support car full of bits and you wont use a thing, take nothing and guess what :-(

Enjoy the day its not bad at all, fingers crossed you wil leave with a MAC :thumb:

24-05-05, 05:22 AM
Hi Anthony

I haven't Gone through mine yet but would be happy to lend you an extra pair of eyes over the weekend if you could stretch to coffee rather than tea?

I've got a 4 day weekend so a break from building might just help my focus. and I am waiting for my engine and some brake parts.

let me know

Grease Monkey
24-05-05, 06:59 AM
Most important thing for me, MAKE SURE THE CHASSIS NUMBER IS CLEARLY VISIBLE, readable and matches the application...

Without this they wouldn't even look at mine

Paul B
24-05-05, 08:58 AM
Chase the Pilgrim kit, another member didn't get the kit until the day after the test !!!!

As another precaution, I covered the wiper motor with foam just in case they felt that you could contact it with your knees ! make sure the wiring is all tidy and clipped away.

Although my SVA test was 4 years ago, I had previously arranged for the VRO (or what ever it is called now) to inspect the car before the SVA in order that, once it had passed, the registration was much quicker. I am not sure if this is still possible but worth asking as you have time. Nothing worse than having it all ready and red-tape holds you back.

Having seen your photo's, I am sure you will pass the first test easily - that of " has it been built or thrown together ?" Once they see the detailed effort that has been put in, they are usually much more ameanable and they generally want to help you. Don't get argumentative if they question anything as I think they have fun seeing if they can wind you up. Keep calm and sincere and they will be quite pleasant.

Good luck


24-05-05, 05:01 PM
Thanks all for the comments so far.

John indeed coffee is readily available so il PM you my phone number and maybe we can arrange something. There is little to do to the car but another set of eyses may find something that ive missed.

Emissions are not a problem as its a 1970 lump so visual only, I have indeed already padded the wiper motor and all other bits under the dash. The rear brakes also seem fine they dont appear to lock under harsh braking little test on the lane next to me proved this, they do however spin (quite easily to under acceleration).

Well keep the comments coming and il look forward to adding some jobs to my nearly finished to do list