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23-05-05, 09:27 PM
Win Carroll Shelby's Cobra. CSX1000
The First Shelby | AC Cobra in over 40 years.

This is your opportunity to become the second owner this historic Car, Carroll Shelby is the first owner. The Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation has rolled out a car-lover's dream of a Fund-Raiser. Visit www.winashelby.org to oder your tickets or visit www.shelbychildrensfoundation.org for more information on the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation.

Following years of heart-related difficulties, legendary racer and automotive manufacturer Carroll Shelby met his biggest challenge. He received a life-saving heart transplant and made the pledge to help save the lives of children who share many of the same afflictions.

"When I was lying there in the hospital awaiting my heart, two boys on either side of me passed away because they did not receive a transplant in time. So I made a deal with the big man above, and if I was to receive a heart and survive, I would do help out those who were less fortunate."

"So along with friends and family, I created the Shelby Children’s Foundation. We have helped a number of youngsters to get the medical attention they needed to live. I am proud of this foundation and the help we have given. I am also so thankful to the fans of my cars for helping in this race."