View Full Version : Misc Tools for loan to Cobra builder in Bristol area

Grease Monkey
27-05-05, 05:13 PM
OK, i've all but finished phase 1, which was to get the bugger road legal.

I'll not be daft enough to say its finished as i can see a dozen bits i'm not happy with, and another dozen areas i've got in my 'winter' program plan.

Anyhow, it means i have the following for loan to a good home:

Pipe flaring and bending tools
Ball joint puller (For Jag donor)
Pop Rivetter (Only used once! for the stone guard spatts)
Rivnut Gun - Essential piece of kit for M4 - M8 steel inserts.
Engine Crane 2 tonne, 1/2 tonne at max reach.
Dial gauge (clocking in bellhousing)
Oil Filter remover (mine was SOO stuck in place)
Clark Polisher, makes easy(er) work of removing flashlines

Erm thats about it. Eveything else i used i already had, and i'm guessing other builders will as well. (Sockets, screw drivers, spanners etc)

The Pretender
07-09-05, 05:14 PM
Hi Adrian, Have you still got the engine crane? to loan.:confused:

I have had a engine rubber mounting 'give up' and need to lift the engine to fit new.

Can pop over today, tomorrow anytime ( on hols) to pick up.....


Mike :)

Paul B
08-09-05, 12:41 PM

Got your email and sorry to hear of this problem. I have had to move the mounts on mine, when I thought the engine was sitting a bit too low.

You should be able to lift the whole engine and gearbox high enough to get the old mount out and the new one in, but it is a struggle. Just as well you didn't fit the inner wheel arches !!!

If you need a hand, give me a shout and I will try and get over.


The Pretender
08-09-05, 12:51 PM
Thanks Paul :) and big thanks Adrian for loan of crane:thumb:

I'm just waiting for the mountings to arrive (prob Sat) and I'm ready to go.

Today's jobs are
1. remove bonnet
2. car up on axle stands x 4
3. loosen exhaust brackets
4. loosen engine brackets
5. build crane and secure to engine
6. gearbox mounts loose ?????:confused:

7. cup of tea


ps YES would love a hand - have you still got my phone no.?