View Full Version : Post Office Performance - or not

02-06-05, 06:42 PM
I have been working through a list of little jobs that I wanted to sort before going off to Le Mans.
One of those was to get my speedo recalibrated as I have just changed my rear axle ratio.
So a call to speedy cables was in order. Info collected for calibration as requested and instrument posted off. They said allow about 21 days turn around so it was lucky that I got around to sorting and posting it on the 14th May.
I thought I would give them a call today to see how they were doing and guess what...
They never recieved it!!! Bloody Post office has lost it. And i'm not far off doing the same.
I can just imagine the postie responsible getting on an easyjet flight with a wad of 1000 of bonus to spend

So has anyone got a 80mm black faced 150mph+ smiths speedo spare? I don't really fancy shelling out 150 odd quid on a new one and then have my original turn up. Besides I need the money for beer.

On the up side I have just finished fitting my hood and tested it in Saturdays storms and it works a treat.
I will post some details when I get a chance.


03-06-05, 06:23 PM
Sorry to hear about that Andy

But are'nt you covered with the post office insurance ??