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Grease Monkey
03-06-05, 07:33 PM
After months and months of joy, tears, hardship, expense and nervous events it's all paid off and ended up in the best possible way:

Grease Monkey Jnr arrived this morning at 8lb 14, everyone doing well and chuffed to bits. Now looking for a cracker sized spanner set :thumb: :thumb:

Oh and the other baby is now finished and as soon as i can get some actual No plates will be road legal :D Best two events of my life, and they were only 19 hours apart!!

Andy S
03-06-05, 07:37 PM
Adrian the very best congratulations to both you and baby grease monkey and not forgetting the good lady in your life.
A double celebration then in your house, shame you cant pick them up and take them home in the Cob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-06-05, 07:52 PM
Well done!!:thumb: Mrs Monkey will want you to sell the car now to look after your new family!!
:-( :-( :(

03-06-05, 07:53 PM

Congratulations to all of you. :thumb: :thumb:

03-06-05, 07:57 PM

They're lovely when they're that age...

... I'm sure your baby is cute too!! You didn't mention boy or girl. If you haven't decided on a name, I can recommend Robin for either!

Purple AK
03-06-05, 08:00 PM
Adrian and Silent Partner.

Congratulations to you both. :thumb: :D

03-06-05, 08:47 PM
Congratulations to you both - now where do you fit the baby seat ?

Having had our Son last August - I have only clocked up a couple of hundred miles in the cobra !

Grease Monkey
03-06-05, 09:15 PM
(Its a boy, thank god. Never wanted a pink frilly one) :thumb:

The way i see it is we actually have a spare seat for a second child, when you take the MX5 into account along with the GD, bargain. Just need to find 2 parking spaces wherever we go.

03-06-05, 09:43 PM
Congrats, Fantastic news. Me raises a glass to you and your new family.:thumb:

03-06-05, 09:57 PM
Wow - what a day :thumb: Congratulations and best of wishes to you all.

03-06-05, 11:07 PM
Congratulations what a momentus day :thumb: :thumb: certainly one you will never forget. :D :D

David Large
04-06-05, 05:40 AM
Many congratulations and best wishes for the future. Make the most of it all, it won't seem 5 mins before your new offspring is wanting to drive the Cobra!

04-06-05, 07:55 AM
Adrian, Many congrats to you both, well done.


04-06-05, 11:29 AM
Congratulations to you and your family, will you be changing your other halfs sign in name now to "screaming, panting partner" :thumb:

04-06-05, 03:02 PM
Well done Greased partner and your silent monkey.

Welcome to the little Ape and Baby Snake?

Your zoo filling up quite nicely.

Love you to both (err 3 even, actually 4!)

04-06-05, 07:02 PM
Monkey mind your kniob mate!!! :angel: :( Osgood:)

Grease Monkey
04-06-05, 07:23 PM
Make the most of it all, it won't seem 5 mins before your new offspring is wanting to drive the Cobra!

ha Ha ha Ha hhaaa Ha ha haaa Ha ha hah ha ha ha Ha ha Ha hhaaa Ha ha haaa Ha ha hah ha ha ha Ha ha Ha hhaaa Ha ha haaa Ha ha hah ha ha :D :D

He can drive it when i'm dead, and i'm not planning on that being for quite some time.!!!!

Thanks for all the good wishes, everything went very smoothly. Helps that SP worked in the Neonates and Paeds wards for the last 3 years and knew everyone there! They all come home Monday, so i'd better start tidying up or i'm a dead man.

Paul B
06-06-05, 10:22 AM

Many congratulations on both events. You have certainly well documented the conception and growth of the Cob, hopefully the other build project was kept a little more private !!

We hope that you will get to chance to come along to some of the area club meets with both your babies as there will be plenty of women cooing over GM II and men to look over GD I.

Maybe you should now plan on building GD II for the other half of your team ?


Grease Monkey
06-06-05, 01:04 PM

Remind me when the lcoal meet is. Lunchtime, last Sunday in the month somewhere near Tormarton?? Compass Inn ?


Adrian (GM), Rebecca (SP) & He who shall become known as 'Bruce Wayne' as we think he has the nocturnal habits of a bat.

Paul B
06-06-05, 04:01 PM

We do not have a regular meeting place during the summer as we are "on tour". However, the next meets are next weekend at both the Castle Combe Classic and Sportscar Action day on Saturday or the Bristol Motor and Classic Car show on Durdham down in Bristol on Sunday.

If you make it along to either of the these events, make yourself known and bring batfink with you.


Grease Monkey
08-06-05, 02:30 PM
All road legal now, so will try to make it to Durdham downs on sunday. Unfortunately SP isn't allowed to drive for weeks so we either bring the A4 (Not a chance!) or I rope in someone else to do some ferrying.

When/whereabout will everyone be? Do you have a big sign saying Bristol Cobra Club or something?

Paul B
08-06-05, 03:36 PM
We will have a Cobra Club banner and the marshals will direct you to the club area. If you can't see us, you're not looking hard enough !!!

Look forward to seeing you (if the sun stays out !!!!!)


09-06-05, 06:24 AM
Congratulations to you both, I wish you all the luck.

what's this about letting him drive when you are dead! after all that work I think I will use mine as a coffin as well

09-06-05, 07:41 AM
Hi Adrian and Family,
Very many congrats, I look forward to seeing you all at the local meet, but it won't be the next one as I'll be in LeMans. :thumb: