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05-06-05, 05:59 PM
A friend of mine has rather thrown a spanner in my brake setup. When I got my car the brakes lines where plumbed in. One brake line going to the rear, which was spilt by use of a 'T' piece, which takes a line to each rear brake (Sierra XR4*4 Rear Setup).

However my friend, who is a mechanic, tells me that this setup is incorrect - the brakes should be split diagonally (so that the rear right brake and the front left brake are on the same circuit (and vise-versa…).

Now I’m rather puzzled – which system is correct?


05-06-05, 06:16 PM
Stick to what you originally had as this is the way all our cars are plumed up. There might be a couple of people who have tried something different but on the Jag setup which most of us have one line goes to the back which is then split and on the AK setup one goes to the front which is again split to either side. I think on the Sierra setup you have 2 ports on the master so you just take one to each side. By the way if you do have 2 takeoffs to the front and one to the rear what does your mechanic purpose to do with a 3rd takeoff on the brake master ?? :confused: :confused:

05-06-05, 06:31 PM
He didn't actually look at the car - I was telling him what I planned to do next and when I mentioned replacing the existing lines (If I didn't fit it, I dont trust it...) he was dubious of this setup...

However thanks to your reply I will stick 2 the existing setup - which is great as I plan to fit a proportional valve!

Thanks for the input Martin!


Grease Monkey
05-06-05, 08:51 PM
I think you'll also find that on the SVA test, they check that the fronts lock up first. If you have a diagonal split who knows what wheels will lock first ?!