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07-06-05, 01:40 PM
Hi Everybody,
I spent a couple of years in South Africa and spent all my hard earned on a Venom 427SC.
Replica based around E36 BMW which permits M3 items to be used.
(Used to be called KCC or Backdraft in USA).
I'm in process of importing and having to face the dreaded SVA as a personal import.

An item that I cannot get 100% clear is the Lucas switches. I have a standard switch layout that copies the original 427 SC dash. The SVA book is not clear to me as regards switches that are out of the steering exclusion zone but that are above the gearbox tunnel in the centre of the dash.
So - has anybody passed SVA with these switches installed in the config mentioned. If yes what was the justification ? Correct radius/breaks off at 22kg force etc etc.
I see other cars with these switches in the same place as mine - but were they installed after SVA ???
Can anybody advise me

Thanks - Chris Lutman
PS - If ruthntom see this - Yes it is me from Kuwait days - Is Ruth the ex TV presenter ?

Grease Monkey
07-06-05, 02:08 PM
I suspect it really depends where you go and who does the SVA, but the book says:

If it projects more than 9.5mm and won't push into the dash under pressure (you will be asked to demonstrate this)

Or if any part of the switch has less than 3.2mm radius and projects more than 3.2mm, or has less than 3.2mm radius and doesn't depress to less than half its width

you will fail.

You may also fail if the switch is guarded by a metal hoop like the new Mini as some inspectors count the hoop as part of the switch ?!!

I know, i failed 1st time as my switches projected from 9 to 11 mm :mad: :mad:

Not wanting to ruin the dash i just buggered about with a handful of 0.49p table light switches from Maplins. Did the job for the hour required and are now off again.

07-06-05, 02:30 PM
GreaseMonkey !!

Many thx - I think I'll end up the same by putting switches that satisfy annd then put Lucas later.