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09-09-02, 08:25 AM
After much discussions with my dear wife we are taking the first step to building my cobra.

Step 1. build a new garage! Our old one is too small (only fits a nova) and is falling down.

My question is, how wide is a cobra (GD or DAX please) with both its doors open?

I aim to be able to have the car in the middle of the garage and open both doors and still be able to walk round the car. I know its not such an issue with a cobra but with my wifes Honda Im looking at about 3.5m. Im thinking of building it to 4m wide X 5.5m long with a "studio" on the back for my wife to do printing (her desired hobby).

Im also thinking of putting as pit in so Im talking to my builder tonight about costs, I may get a shock!

Im also thinking of adding a moving rsj so i can have a chain winch hung from it, beats an engine crane. Also useful for lifting off a GD body.

Anyone got any thoughts on garages and pits?


Ill get one, one day!

09-09-02, 08:53 AM
9 foot wide with both doors open.

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09-09-02, 09:23 AM
Many thanks

Ill get one, one day!

11-09-02, 11:39 PM
How about a self build project?
If you are confident enough to build a kit car, you shouldn't have a problem building a garage.
If you require planning permission for your proposed garage, it will probably be worth getting a professional architect to plan it for you.
Dense concrete block is about the cheapest option. It works out about 6 a square metre (single skinned) - that's for the blocks, sand and cement etc.
Subsurface work requires sulphate resisting cement. Your pit would require additives like SBR to the concrete, mortar and render mixes to remain waterproof. (SBR looks like milk and smells like peppermint but I wouldn't recommend drinking it!)

However, the walls are the cheap and easy part. On my renovation, I've gone for one side of the roof to be twin wall polycarbonate, whilst the other side is plywood with roofing felt.
My local builders merchants supplied the polycarbonate roofing and its accessories (same brand) to special order at a price which was 30% less than the DIY warehouse whose staff wear orange aprons - so shop around!

Mine is finished in cement rendering. That takes a lot more skill than laying the concrete block, so I'd advise you to contract that out. I'm getting mine done as a return favour.
A thin cement wash or render on the inside will save you a fortune on white emulsion paint. Untreated concrete block soaks up paint like a sponge!

The lifting gear and room at the back for your wife to work in are likely to place additional demands on the construction of the garage.
If you were to sacrifice some luxury and specify the additional room as storage space, think of only lifting the body (not the engine) but keeping the pit, I reckon you could maybe half the cost of the project - which means more to build the car as you would like it!

Does this help you at all?

Simon :)

12-09-02, 07:29 AM
Size wise, make it big enough to be able to say "......and when the car's finished dear, there'll be plenty of room to put your car in....."
works every time.....:-) :-) :-) :-)

12-09-02, 09:10 AM

Thanks for the info. Ive decided to ditch the pit so to speak and proably just buy an engine hoist! So much simpler!!

My first quote for a new garage 4x7.7x2m, including removal of old one and base (cracked) is 11,500 my second quote 8500, so oddly Im now searching for cheaper options. I have a family friend whos a builder so Im getting him round to give me an "accurate" quote without contractors margins, plus he works on his own so doesent pay other blokes wages.

Following that it may well go to self build or at least self labour and hire a bricklayer for the walls. (Past attempt at walling not too straight!!) I guess with practice I could master it (ish)

Also got approximatley 30m of boundary walls to put up as well.

hey ho,
Ill get one, one day!

12-09-02, 09:49 AM
I think the later option is your best Andy. One of my neighbours built a two storey extension on the side of his house this way. It was massive & 'only' cost him about 25K. I think he got 4 extra rooms for his efforts, & I'm sure it would have cost at least 2-3 times the amount if he'd got a builder to do the lot.
Best of luck

(It'll only be a 5 minute job)