View Full Version : Major Milestone Today

12-06-05, 05:25 PM
Well today, iI have managed to put the body onto the rolling chassis... Everything went quite well, except for.... The Oil Cooler... There is no way that the body can go on with an oil cooler fitted... The bottom lip of the front air scoop smacked it...

So I cut off an inch of the bottom fibreglass and all is now fine...

I attached some pics of before and after fitting....

I must say it all feels a lot better now. Sort of a bit like on the run home...

:) :) :)

12-06-05, 06:42 PM

Nice going, is that a Viper your building ?

If it is, the front of the body has to be pulled out to get it on.


12-06-05, 07:32 PM
no, it is the AK as per the avtar by my name... But I know what you mean.... If I had been able to pull the bottom lip out 1.5" it would have worked...

I could have even raised the back, slid forward 1.5", let the front drop and then lower the rear, but I preferred to do it the easy way and get the air hacksaw onto it...