View Full Version : Bristol Car Show

Grease Monkey
13-06-05, 06:24 PM
Hi guys,

Met a few people up on Durdham Downs on Sunday. I think there were about 9? Cobs of every marque except AK. Are there none in Bristol ? Thankfully it didn't rain as i have no weather gear yet!

Paul, sorry to dash off but my schedule is governed by 'He' who must be obeyed :thumb:

Excellent blat on the way home. Had a play with a guy on a 1200 bike and left him for dead round the ring road. :-} :-} (Wonder what mpg you get with your foot flat on the floor all the way...)

Done it once, really mustn't do that again or the local flatfoots will deport me to the colonies. :eek:

Paul B
14-06-05, 08:44 AM

Great to meet with you, SP and Mini GM !

I am glad that you were able to get in and meet a few of the regular crew even though we were a little cramped for space! As you saw, we are quite a sociable group and generally have a bit of a laugh.

Playing with bikers is quite a pastime when you have a Cob as they really seem to think that we are closer to being a biker than other car drivers.

Take care and see you soon.