View Full Version : Front indicator repeators?

15-06-05, 11:25 AM
Has anyone put a viper through an SVA with repeators. I am wanting to know the rough location of where they are to be fitted (eg do large front arches obscure the light path?).
Going by most general pics on non-vipers the lights are above the engine vents.

15-06-05, 05:02 PM
On my AK I put the repeaters on ss woven mesh into the engine bay side vents , so that it passed the SVA and then post SVA I removed said mesh ( complete with side repeaters) and replaced with ss louvres as per usual Cobra bling.

Result no side repeaters spoiling the look of the car, and with the usual front and rear repeaters you have more than enough indicator from all directions showing for safety.



16-06-05, 07:35 AM
they must be within 2.6 mts of the front of the car and the arc of light is biased to the rear, so wheel arch extensions should not get in the way. The height must be at least the same height as the front and rear lights, as far as I understand the sva manual


16-06-05, 08:22 AM
Top quality answer, thankyou. SVA manual is a complete mystery to me.
I will measure the location later, and mark with an 'x marks the spot'.