View Full Version : The closest thing to the Le Mans action

15-06-05, 09:16 PM
Hi chaps as some of you know I have to attend a wedding this weekend so couldnt go with all the guys and gals on the Le Mans trip.

All is not lost though for myself and others of you that couldnt go I have found this which I believe will kepp us up to date with all the events, drinking and the rest of the fun and games while the trip is on.

You can find it through the www.badaytona.com website or directly through this link


Now the cobra is finished I was looking for a new project so doing my research on the Daytona when I found this interesting little BLOG i believe its called


Andy S
15-06-05, 09:40 PM
Antony cheers for the info, sorry to hear about the SVA today but also glad to see it wasnt anything major,if your interested in the factual info minute by minute from LA SARTH check out www.lemans.org its the official site and notes all incidents as they happen etc.
Reports at the moment are that it has rained on and off throughout 1st qualifying tonight resulting in a number of spins especially on the mulsane straight...SCARY.
Also the 2 Astons are heading the GT1 timesheets....EXCELLENT

David Large
15-06-05, 10:32 PM
I'm off at 7/00 am tomorrow; really looking forward to it.