View Full Version : Front Wheel offset problem

22-06-05, 11:52 PM
I have an offset problem with the s/h compomotive split rim alloys I bought to go on my SR cobra.
The overall width is 8.75 inches outside rims. There is 8 inches across inside rims of wheel.
I reckoned to get the wheel within the wheel arch for SVA to take the outside rim in by 0.5 inch would bring me inline with top of the arch.
So if I could get a pair of 15 inch outer rims that were 1 inch less wide ie taking me onto a 7 inch (across inside rims) would solve my problem.
My outer rim section is 3 inches from rubber joining seal to the inside rim. Has anyone got a set of 2 inch wide outers that they would consider selling?
I can get new ones from compomotive but thought I would post this first. Someone may have had a similar problem in the past.