View Full Version : Mid life crisis - what mid life crisis?

23-06-05, 09:12 PM
Chaps, just thought I'd share how life has changed over the past few months, and possibly all Cobra related, as it was the build that was the catalyst for what follows.

I'd been planning to build a Cobra for about 20 years - I've been married 14 and I know I was thinking about it well before then - but with holidays, kids, house moves, more kids, it just never got done - so for my 40th birthday present last October, I got a Sumo kit, and have spent the past 7 months building, to a point where I'm ready for SVA.
All this building stuff, and actually making something got me thinking, so after 16 years I have left a senior job at IBM, and the IT industry, and I am going to retrain and set up my own Plumbing/heating engineer business (Preferential rates to Cobra owners obviously :D - just give me a call)

It doesn't stop there either - in the discussions about leaving (work), my wife threw an idea into the air of "why don't we travel around the world?" - So she is taking 3 months of work, we have the blessing of the kids' headmaster to miss a term at school, and we are doing South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Thailand for 3 months between September and December.

This doesn't feel like a MLC - but has anyone else reached a point in life where they have radically changed things for the better ?

23-06-05, 09:51 PM

What a great move, I bet it will be brilliant. As they say "You only have one life!". All I can say, if you need someone to carry the bags just shout!.

Good Luck


23-06-05, 09:57 PM
I did a similar thing, gave up IT consultancy, did some truck driving, flew helicopters, moved to New Zealand. A great move, go for it I say!

On the subject of your travels, let me know if I can be of any help when you head down this way.

23-06-05, 10:08 PM
Thanks for the offer Myles, the current plan is to fly into Christchurch 20th October - and do South Island - we have loads of family and friends there, then pick up a motor home and do North Isalnd before getting to Auckland for flight to Fiji on 15th Nov.

It would be great to meet up and talk Cobras over a beer - I'll be ready for it after 1 day let alone a month after leaving UK.

23-06-05, 10:29 PM
..............................I think I'm going to have to put my prices up.......................Take a look at my age!!!!!!!!

Dutch Paul
23-06-05, 11:09 PM
..............................I think I'm going to have to put my prices up.......................Take a look at my age!!!!!!!!
Or work harder :D :D :D

Neil O
24-06-05, 08:26 AM
My MLC came early (I hope) only 36 when it struck me.:(
The Cobra was easily justified to the wife.......just told her I could get a Cobra or a big breasted, leggy blonde. She chose wisely I think. :D
Not sure I could pull a big breasted, leggy blonde anyway, so she could have called my bluff!:rolleyes:


Grease Monkey
24-06-05, 10:08 AM
Good on you. Love to do it myself but we're both stuck on the career track. Have to make do with a few holidays as and when.

NZ is beautiful, people were friendly and have a great lifestyle. Went there in Jan for a wedding and loved it. Lots of fishing, shooting, hunting, diving, walking and drinking. :thumb:

24-06-05, 06:55 PM
Neil I obviously have the best of both worlds - having a tall, beautiful, leggy (Strawberry) blonde wife, and a Cobra :D
Plus 2 gorgeous kids :thumb:

Adrian- you are entering the most wonderful part of your life, if not the most exhausting - I look back on the kids growing up with fond but somewhat sleep deprived memories. - I have female pre-adolescent flounces around the corner now :(
One word of advice - don't join any mail order wine clubs - what with the nappy expense, etc and this - you will be very very broke !