View Full Version : Cannonball Run Europe Start

26-06-05, 10:54 PM
If anyone wants to see a load of quite nice cars, then pop along to Horsley Towers in Surrey, this coming Sunday.

The event leaves at 2pm, so be there beforehand. :thumb: :thumb:


pat b
27-06-05, 12:19 AM
I will do my best to be there to see you off,may even put a little squrt in my cob ............................................ PAT:thumb::thumb::thumb:

27-06-05, 08:23 AM
Have a good run rob. If you pick up a few loose women on the way, you know where to send them.

Have you got the satelite link up and running in the car so you can visit your favourite web site.

27-06-05, 09:07 AM
I'll try and get down there to see you off and take the DV cam. Have a dam good time. :thumb: :D