View Full Version : VAT on second hand Imported parts?

01-07-05, 11:32 AM

I'm still in the stage of finding out everything i need to know before i order the kit. I am going on some factory visit's over the next month or so, but after the Newark show i have just about made up my mind to which kit i order.

But i'm still looking at places to source parts from. With exchange rates the way they are at the moment i am considering getting many parts from the states. It looks to me at the moment that you normally have to pay between 4% and 6% import duty on parts odered from the states, plus the cost of shipping, plus tax. But it still looks like the cheapest way to get may parts. I know that you have to pay VAT on new parts, but what i am wondering is do you have to pay the 17.5% if you get something second hand. I have got friends who live out in the states who are happy to have the things delivered to them, so they can check them out to make sure i've not been ripped off before they are shipped to the UK.

Cheers for any advice on this matter.

Dom :)

tony c
01-07-05, 11:46 AM
New or second hand, it makes no difference to the Vatman you still have to pay.

Tony C

Grease Monkey
01-07-05, 12:11 PM
Mind you, you do only have to pay VAT on the 'value' of the item.

New items' values are well known, but a second hand part? Well it could be be next to junk couldn't it. Secondhand cylinder head? Sorry mate, junk, over skimmed, worthless, i'm just buying it for the valve springs....

01-07-05, 01:09 PM
You could try getting it sent to you as a 'gift' But there is an upper limit to a 'gift' value.

As already said, you could have the value defined to be quite low but if they do decide to investigate you could be done for tax evasion if they decide it was diliberately quoted low. If it was only one item you may get away with it but if you intend to import quite a lot then I wouldn't suggest under quoting the value. I've had acouple of my packages that have been opened by them for checking.
One was quite funny becouse they obviously thought my gaskets were gold or something. They had 'test' marks on them.