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02-07-05, 08:48 PM

Does anyone have an HEI distributor cap as I am pretty sure my internal coil is starting to break down, and I am going on th Cannonball tomorrow. If anyone who lives near Guilford/Leatherhead area, just of the A3 has one. I will obviously replace it when I get back. :angry: :angry:

Thanks all.

02-07-05, 09:35 PM

I know this does not help, but I know a man who has one, but his shop shut at 5pm (Aldershot, near guildford). You could try him, sometimes he is around on a Sunday. The guy is Billy, he owns North American Motor Company 01252 515750. 107 Park Road Farnborough GU14 6LP. It is about 15-20 mins from M25.

I hope it helps


Ps, Have a great trip, like the car, also I hope Jody Kidd is going!!!!.

02-07-05, 09:59 PM
Rob, I'm about 10 mins away from there. I was planing to come down to see the cannonball off. If you want I can pop down there in the morning to see if he's open and give you a call if you like. :thumb:

02-07-05, 10:08 PM

Out of interest were do you live, I live in fleet?.


neil still building it
02-07-05, 10:23 PM
hi robert
you really should think about changing the little amplifier module(fixed to bottom of the dist. body) whilst 'inside the cap' as these cook too and give similar symptoms ie dodgy spark....

neil still building it
03-07-05, 08:22 AM
hi robert
thought you'd been coming down from 'oop north 'but as you're 'LOCAL' (heard that before somewhere?? are you 'local'!!!)
see you soon

03-07-05, 11:25 AM
For your info I had the distributor cap that Robert wanted (the result of replacing my dizzy with a Mallory). They arrived here in a cloud of smoke due to a leaky rocker cover gasket - so a trip to Halfords for some instant gasket and a roadside pit stop. I last saw them driving back to the start of the Cannonbal GPS in one hand and dizzy cap in the other - hope they have a good trip - brave boys!!

Stuart Badger

neil still building it
03-07-05, 04:19 PM
hi badger
thanks for the info -i had wondered what happened and guessed he had an alternative....?!

03-07-05, 05:56 PM
They started the Cannonball ok and fingers crossed all will go well. :thumb: