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18-09-02, 02:12 PM
An SVA question...

If I was to buy my Jag axles from a reconditioner (for example Ward Engineering) does this force me to end up with a Q-Plate because I will not
have details of the donor vehicle?

This maybe a question for Dave the Pro Builder as I think he uses Ward quite a lot?

chris m
18-09-02, 04:12 PM

Just make sure your reciept says "reconditioned axles" i.e. you bought a donor, stipped it and sent the axles for recon, which you have now fitted to the car. ;) Ckeck out the archived threads for details on how to correctly register the car - which is a completely different process to the SVA.


18-09-02, 09:16 PM
Hi Vince.
If you ask Ed to supply you with "The log book for the axles"}> }> }>
you will have no problems.
If he can't help then call John Gordon Jaguar Spares in Accrington and explain your predicament and i'm certain he will be able to help.......For a small fee.;-)
Or Ring me on 07785 702005 for the non politically correct explaination.:-)
Either way, you have no problems, "Q's" on Cobras are ancient history these days.

19-09-02, 11:06 AM
Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.

I've not started my project yet - I'm still at the planning stage - but will keep this nugget of info for future reference.