View Full Version : Advise on which immobiliser to fit

08-07-05, 03:11 PM

Will soon be having my Cobra built by Dave Brookes. Was wondering what security to have fitted to the car during the build process?

I would like a decent immobiliser and maybe one of those proximety alarms that blips when anyone gets too close to the car.

Problem is I have no clue about alarms and immobilisers.



09-07-05, 09:31 PM
At a minimum you'll be wanting a Thatcham cat2 immobiliser. This simply prevents the engine being started when armed. Arming/disarming is normally done either with a radio transponder on the keyring (when you're near enough for the immobiliser to pick up the signal it disarms) or by having a small metal "button" you touch which sends the code to the immobiliser to disarm itself.

The next stage up is an alarm and immobiliser. The alarm part adds a siren and at the basic level will protect things like doors, bonnet and boot, going off if these are opened when armed. The next levels up start adding things like ultrasonic sensors that trigger the alarm if someone breaks a window (not much use on a cobra!) and interior sensors that detect someone reaching in to the car (more useful for the cobra). From there on up you'll get high-end features like proximity warning, remote engine start and other fun toys, but it will cost.

Thatcham ratings are 2 for immobiliser only and 1 for a full alarm + immobiliser system. You'll need a qualified VSIB installer to fit it if you want your insurance company to recognise it and reduce your premium. You can of course fit any system, but without the VSIB certificate you won't get any insurance benefit.

Basically you just need to pick a balance between the price and the features you want.