View Full Version : crash liability

23-09-02, 12:56 AM
Very cheerful subject but I was wondering if you built a car from scratch and sold it, if someone then had an accident and was either injured or killed, would it come back on the person who built the car, assuming it had passed an SVA test?

23-09-02, 10:14 PM
I would have thought the only person who could take the blame is the driver,assuming there was no mechanical brakages took place,Its a bit like trying to blame ford for the 3000 or whatever ford cars had accidents in 2001,neither the previous owner or the sva tester could be responsable..Like when you take your car for its annual mot test,The car is tested on that day and cannot be proof of the overall condition of that vehicle thereafter,The driver could run the car down an embankment 300yds from the teststation but the car would show as only been tested two hours earlier....Theres always loopholes in the law side of things i`ve noticed...And in america,The solicitors make a bloody fortune from just that i assume.Just a thought.;)