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Purple AK
12-07-05, 05:52 PM
The "New Kit Car Show" Brands Hatch Circuit September 17th - 18th. Plus 110db limit Track Day on the 18th Info and Pre Booking here http://www.totalkitcar.com/tkc_article_884.php
55 Manufacturers are already booked including all the Major Cobra makers ;). I've been in touch with Steve Hole and we are arranging a CRC Club Area/Stand
Who's up for it???? :-}

Andy S
12-07-05, 07:47 PM
As discussed put me on the list please.

12-07-05, 07:49 PM
Definitely us please

12-07-05, 07:52 PM
Can't leave you all to put the gazeebo up by yourselfs I'll come along to drink Liz's tea.:thumb:

12-07-05, 08:28 PM
Are folk form the nice side of the river allowed :rolleyes:, if so put me with Dunkin Donut Boy :D

Purple AK
12-07-05, 08:32 PM
Folk for all over are allowed ;) I've just booked the Club Area :thumb: Any entry or Track Time should be booked direct with TKC

12-07-05, 08:35 PM
Track Time should be booked direct with TKC

Track Time, you know what I drive, is there a straight only bit :p

Alaska Gray
12-07-05, 08:54 PM
Ill be there might still be cobless might not got to have another look at them perfick purple doors


12-07-05, 09:01 PM
Me and Soo would like to join you on Sunday, please.

Happy Jim
12-07-05, 09:31 PM
I'm on for the 17th

See you there


12-07-05, 09:45 PM
I'll be there.Not sure if one or both days yet though.

whats with the dunkin donut bit.
are you refering to me :finger:

Andy S
12-07-05, 09:59 PM
Purple Chris you had better contact the organisers and let them know Donut Smurf is attending and they can put the catering vans on standby, especially the donut king one !!!!!!!

Mr Bling
12-07-05, 10:03 PM
sounds like a receipe for a great day out - count me in!!

12-07-05, 11:11 PM

I like it. :D

13-07-05, 06:09 AM
I'll be there barring any more incidents ! ! !

Andy S
13-07-05, 08:42 AM
Why thank you guys, wondered how long it would take before my handle changed !!!!

roger h
13-07-05, 11:20 AM
Count me in as well, coudn't let you lot go without me.

13-07-05, 12:34 PM
Sh*t,:angry: F*ck,:angry: B*llocks:angry: Sorry guys it clashes with my trip to South Africa :(

Aint gonna make it :-( :-(

13-07-05, 01:39 PM
New kid on the block - not yet been to any function

Still fingers crossed that my car will arrive from South Africa in time - all best promises say it will be but do not know the speed of the tug boat bringing it over. Sign me up for Sunday.

Andy S
13-07-05, 05:12 PM
Crendon, if you stopped galavanting all over the world then a) youd get to drive the cob more, and b) you could actually attend a few more meets etc. Looking at the thread above perhaps you can give the powers that be a shove in the right direction to help Lutman !!!whilst your out there.

13-07-05, 10:25 PM
I'll be there along with some of the East Kent Coast crowd:thumb:

13-07-05, 10:31 PM
Can some one count me in with my little cob:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

danny b
13-07-05, 11:28 PM
Count me in for 17th-18th

See you all there....... :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

13-07-05, 11:28 PM
Bring em all.
will ring Tony tomorrow
Can you arrange for no rain on the next meet. I normally come down but 150miles in the rain is no fun.

15-07-05, 09:18 PM
Bring em all.
will ring Tony tomorrow
Can you arrange for no rain on the next meet. I normally come down but 150miles in the rain is no fun.

It's the (fool) hardy amongst us that venture out in all weathers without a hood. Nice & slippery in Folkestone for our last meet. The rain was there Special Delivery - Tony knows a man who....:D

Purple AK
23-08-05, 09:12 PM
Ok guys. I've just been told by Steve Hole that our club space has been upped to 100 :eek: Lets get it filled :thumb: This Show is being billed as the new Stoneleigh :-}

23-08-05, 09:54 PM
Ok guys. I've just been told by Steve Hole that our club space has been upped to 100 :eek: Lets get it filled :thumb: This Show is being billed as the new Stoneleigh :-}

Bloody hell,

You'd better hope it's a 2 dayer or overnighter then :p :p

23-08-05, 11:35 PM
Is there going to be camping at this show???? If so then i'll probably be there both days :thumb:

23-08-05, 11:55 PM
count me in for the saturday,do i just tell them that im on the club stand?
i know ill still have to pay but i dont really want to park in the car park


Sheik yerbouti
24-08-05, 09:29 AM
I would like to come up on the 18th if the weather holds...don't possess a roof just yet! But not been to a meet like this and would like to meet with like minded Cobra owners.
Cheers Dave

Andy S
26-08-05, 09:15 PM
Apparently we arent the only ones to fall out with Mr J.Palmer.
He was at the circuit yesterday with his wife, they had an almighty row, she told him to go forth & multiply then made the chopper pilot take her home and leave him there.......oops

26-08-05, 11:34 PM

We didn't actually fall out with Dr John, but he was mighty pi55ed that his newly laid white lines are now zebra like.
Hope to see loads of cobs from all over at this one.

john cohen
28-08-05, 06:12 PM
Me and the BOSS will be there on the sunday . And also the pilgrim! By for now john .

Purple AK
28-08-05, 06:20 PM
Subject to final conformation on Tuesday ;) But I have spoken to Steve Hole and it seems that camping is fine :thumb:

30-08-05, 06:06 PM
Please could you include me on the stand for the 17th September at Bnands Hatch.
Dave A.
Dax Cobra NNA 54G

05-09-05, 03:01 PM
Count me in, it's up for sale now so gotta get my fixes quick and fast before she goes!

Purple AK
09-09-05, 09:55 PM
IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! The Track Day on the 18th has been cancelled due to lack of interest. The SE guys are planning to camp on the Friday night after setting up the stand (I think) So if anyone fancies a few jars and some grub on the Friday night. Come on down :thumb:

Andy S
09-09-05, 10:32 PM
guess we will be together friday and not saturday night for a few bevvies then, oh well never mind.....

10-09-05, 09:11 PM
Iam defenit ly there BH my locally track if iam sober , just had a fab day racinrg at Lyden ,,,count me in ?


10-09-05, 10:45 PM
Iam defenit ly there BH my locally track if iam sober , just had a fab day racinrg at Lyden ,,,count me in ?


Yup far to much to drink, must be the horrible weather:D have you seen the snetterton video yet ?


10-09-05, 11:45 PM
Wouldn't bother with the video you have some nice V8 engines running and all you can hear is some CRAP dance music :finger: :finger: :finger:

11-09-05, 09:03 AM
Change of plans ... me and Soo will see you on Saturday.

11-09-05, 10:12 AM
Great news Mick

Specialy as there ain't no sunday now. (Don't forget to bring the flag)

Look forward to seeing you both.

11-09-05, 02:41 PM
Wouldn't bother with the video you have some nice V8 engines running and all you can hear is some CRAP dance music :finger: :finger: :finger:

Happy now Tinka??:finger: :finger:


Andy S
11-09-05, 09:08 PM
So Tinka will you have the car sorted for next weekend and are you planning to grace us with your company anyway ???

Purple AK
11-09-05, 09:23 PM
Andy. I think Tinka is commited to Goodwood this weekend :( Mind you he could always stopover on Friday night for a jar and some abuse from Liz ;)

Andy S
12-09-05, 09:33 AM
He wont stop over, got too much abuse last time........
Mind you it would be a convenient stopover on his way down so he could do it if he wanted to.
But then again he is north of Watford so theres no telling what he will do.
Come on Tinka what are you going to do ????

Sheik yerbouti
12-09-05, 10:48 AM
Hi All....Brands will be the first show for me. The weather looks best on the Saturday, so that will be the day for me to drive up from Southampton. I would like to park up with all the other Cobs, don't wanna end up Billy nomates in the car park! So could someone tell me the way to get into that area please....do I need a ticket, pass etc...Thanks Dave

12-09-05, 12:39 PM
dave i may be going on saturday depending on the weather,so maybe we can meet and go together,maybe at a slighter slower pace than the last blast we went for!!!!


12-09-05, 01:17 PM
Hi Guy's

Be good to see you. In fact saturday is the only day (no sunday). It's 5 to get in and I'm pretty sure you will see the rest of us. If not ask.
I guess hit the M25 and at jtn3 head for the A20 should be brown signposted Brands Hatch.
If anyone has a better way shout.

Sheik yerbouti
12-09-05, 04:06 PM
Ok Russ...was thinking of leaving around 8am...the weather looks good...maybe talk towards the end of the week...looking at the map I reckon down the M27 onto A27 then head up to gatwick and turn right...Lot less motorway that route...check it out and let me know...Regards Dave

12-09-05, 05:16 PM
Sorry lads but already planned to camp out on Friday night with other people who are going down. And as for going down in the Cobra with all the stuff going on with the threat of blockades and such think I will be doing it in the Tin Top again. :thumb:

john cohen
12-09-05, 05:47 PM
We were going to come on sunday . But now we will be coming on sat 17th . Hopfully with the sumo if fuel allows. Reg B987 FHK 327 chevy Bye for now JOHN

Purple AK
13-09-05, 08:15 AM
Someone asked me how owners get in and where will the stand be? I'm guessing it will be like any other show where Kit Car drivers are ushered in to the showground via a different gate, and tin tops park in the outside car parks. The stand will be on Colin Chapman Way, (which is the main drag from the main gate to down behind the main grandstand) Just look out for the cars and Club Banners etc. There is an entry fee of 5, so don't be suprised when you get charged :( However, Camping on the Friday night is FREE if anyone wants to join us :D There is also a 5MPH speed limit on site!! ;)

Look Forward to seeing you all there :thumb:

Andy S
14-09-05, 09:05 PM
So come on guys lets have some committment, fuel blockades are non existant etc so;
Who's coming down Friday night to camp over and have a few jars !!!!!!!
and who is coming down on Saturday !!!!!
Just trying to get a feel for numbers etc as we are setting up Friday afternoon and it would be nice to know numbers ......

14-09-05, 09:15 PM
Count me in, coming down on Saturday.
See you there.


Andy S
14-09-05, 09:51 PM
Russ see you on Saturday

14-09-05, 10:13 PM
Hi Andy and Chris sorry I havant been in touch but as you know Ive been awayI hope all is well, just spent an hour on the phone to Gareth about Brands, trying to twist my arm about camping Friday.:confused: :rolleyes:

Purple AK
14-09-05, 10:17 PM
You KNOW you want to ;) Welcome back by the way :thumb:

14-09-05, 10:26 PM
You guessed right I know I want to,:confused: but the cobs still sick with bad pipes same as before,:angry: lack of time to do a temp fix,:-( actually fed up doing temp fix. possiblly will leave till winter, it just sound crap,:( I shall have to see what magic I can conjour up:-}

Andy S
14-09-05, 10:30 PM
Jack you know you want to, just get your ar8e in gear and come on down, will you make it Fri night for a few beers ???? or just Sat ??

14-09-05, 10:41 PM
I said to Gareth ill see you all on sat but he's telling me its got to be friday or else

Purple AK
14-09-05, 10:46 PM
Only you can decide Jack ;) If you can make it on friday there is Food and Beverage available ;) The same goes for anyone else. :D :thumb:

Andy S
14-09-05, 10:48 PM
Or else what ??????
He's right Jack and you know it, come down Friday night, bring a tent and sleeping bag and have a crack with the rest of us, its the last event in the south east for the year and we absolutely have to see it out in style.............

14-09-05, 10:56 PM
Ho dear I think ill be in trouble if i dont. thank you for the offer for food and drink chris and liz always happy to contrabute if you would accept.Andy ill have a word with Emma, is michelle coming.

Andy S
14-09-05, 10:59 PM
unfortunatly she isnt on this occassion, other committments etc, so I will be billy no mates for the weekend.....

14-09-05, 11:12 PM
Sorry mate you can't claim my title you aren't experienced enough at it.

15-09-05, 08:59 AM

I am not sure who is going from Essex but I am meeting a friend with a cob at the Thurrock services at 9am on Saturday, so if anyone fancy's meeting up we will see you there.


15-09-05, 10:10 AM

Good idea - it was proposed to meet at 8.00am originally but i think that was too early (emgee likes his early mornings and Bilko doesn't - nor do I particularly!!)

See you at Thurrock at 9.00.