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24-09-02, 10:32 PM
hi all
I'm thinking (only thinking mind you) about starting anouther engine rebuild over the winter months.
Now for the question...
Which should I go for? Chevy 350 or a Ford 351?
What advantages would I get from doing either and which are easier and cheaper to get holdof/rebuild???
Also whatabout the differences between Ford 351 winchester/cleavlands?
Is there any major power diff between the chevys and Fords, and If I was gonna do the rebuild, how old would I need the engine to be to miss all the emmisiions poo?



hope I havent started sumthing I wish I hadnt.....


25-09-02, 06:23 PM
Ben, for out & out power I would go the Chevy route. Be a little bit warery of Ford lumps as a collegue of mine has recently bought a 351 Windsor/Cleavland or so he thought!! I think from some clever Goon in the Cobra Club!!! It turns out to be a 351 M Which is a big block (400 ci) or very near it. He has found the only bell housing to fit is scraping the floor when the engine is in position.

All that glitter's is not gold it would appear, who can you trust??? Regards Eric.


25-09-02, 06:44 PM
If it was genuine deception I think we ought to have names. If you can't trust people in the club, who can you trust.
On the question of power are you sure there is anything in it, I thouight it was just that the Ford was much more expensive to tune than the Chevy.


25-09-02, 09:28 PM
Forget power, the differences are negligible. The difference is that Chevy engines have a larger aftermarket parts choice, I'd guess twice to three times the amount of Ford, maybe more, although these extra parts are usually race parts which your unlikely to use. However I'm currently rebuilding a Ford 351W and have had no problems finding performance parts, my choice is very extensive, just not as extensive as for Chevy. As for price of aftermarket parts, pretty much nothing in it.

Choice of parts, that it.


PS. Order a SummitRacing.com catalogue to see what I mean.

25-09-02, 09:34 PM
Mike, yes okay ask Iain Jones at Kegworth Leicester himself or see his web site. I think Peter Jones is fully up to date with the incident!!


Hysteria_8@ntlworld.com I know doubt he will reveal the Mupetts name too you if its not already on his web site.

As for prices for goodies I did not think there was a lot to choose between Ford & Chevy? Rover is the expensive one and dont I know it.Regards Eric:)

26-09-02, 09:08 AM
I'm just getting my 351W re-built and stroked out too 408ci, I've found a company called Allied Motor Services (AMS) in the States whose web address is www.strokerkits.com who have sorced, advised, found and saved me a mint maybe worth a look tel number 0019466364747 ask for Jason or Ronnie they also do chevy, my parts all arived yesterday no probs.



26-09-02, 03:44 PM
Mike, a further point to your question. I would not put to much credulous on the fact that because a guy is a Club member that he is honest & the product is what it it advertized as. I had occasion to purchase a diff advertized by a member, once again north of Watford as was the engine I mentioned!! Owner changed diff after twelve years with engine change; 3:54-1 LSD etc, It turned out to be a standard 3:31-1 non LSD, when arranging with Ward engineering to collect with his courier he had not even bothered to remove the oil which quickely spiled out all over the van floor. I was not popular as you can imagine!! The whole cock up cost me conciderable pennies & took weeks for me to regain my money from the so called reliable club member; less fifty quid as he did not want the diff returned to him, GET MY POINT!

There appears to be too much hush hush in the Club; as an example there is some chap thats posted a pole and trying to get a vote on a subject re Dax crome work removed by Robert Stanly! Sorry if some one has a problem with whoever lets here about it, without getting silly of course. Read Classic Motor Monthly there are plenty of comments in readers letters on getting a raw deal from supliers and prvate purchases. Regards Eric.