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13-07-05, 07:51 PM
Just to make perfectly clear to everyone that that there are TWO Brands Hatch events.
It would be a shame to miss either.

The European Fast Car Show on 20th and the 21st 0f August.
We have a stand for more than 20 cars each day so come and enjoy the show and the racing. Some of us will be camping over.

The Total Kit Car Live event 17th and 18th of September.
You can see all your favourite kits out on the circuit plus track events. We have a 50 car stand for this.

Have fun

13-07-05, 09:26 PM
Dave can you count me in on both events, although I will only be able to have one day on the 20th august.:-( :-( :-( :-(

14-07-05, 08:39 AM
Dave, hey get my optiimism I shall be there in BAD001, for the Kitcat show in the pits and living it up.....apparently.. with lots of chocolate....

Is this the right show???

14-07-05, 11:36 AM
There is another event in August on the weekend of the 13th/14th the Sports Racing and GT Challenge will be back at Brands Hatch with the usual array of cars. As usual a great series to watch and even better to participate in.

The fronts running cobra from Cheng Lim and the two GD cars make a fantastic sight along with all of the other classic cars in the series.

Racing on the track holds no comparisons to track days and a lot of the restrictions that are placed on people and their cars at track days.

Why not go along and watch, you never know you may be tempted to have a go yourself.

14-07-05, 11:42 AM
Rats!! The Total Kit Car Day clashes with the Goodwood revival - ah well, maybe next year.

14-07-05, 01:43 PM
I think I'll choose Brands Hatch.

But thanks for letting us know. I hadn't realised