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17-07-05, 02:12 PM
OK so I know there will never be such a thing but for potential kit purchasers it is really difficult to decide which kit is the best. Personally I read and researched etc and decided it was between GD and Dax for a kit that will handle. However, it has dawned on me that the kit magazines seem to have a vested interest in some suppliers and some of their judgements are seriously suspect.
Crendon for example seems an excellent but somewhat overlooked product, GD have a good chassis and handle, Dax seem to have publicity sussed and are always described as "the best" in every magazine guide I have read over many years. Other manufacturers just seem to use word of mouth. Any cobra reviewed anywhere always seems to be excellent, but are never compared to others!
I know everyone will say go to the shows and see for yourself, but I would be surprised if anyone will hand me their keys and say take it for a 3 day blast!
So Cobra club, how about a section where people can give marks out of 10 for say, ease of build, value for money, quality of components, handling, steering weight, dealers, etc etc etc. It may be a start! :rolleyes:

17-07-05, 06:17 PM
Sounds like a good idea but if its like all the other posts relating to the best kit personal opinion always takes over and noone is ever the wiser as to which kit has the best attributes. I think it is a generic problem that every one will back up there own choice of kit myself included, im always told a Pilgrim is a budget kit with poor handling etc etc, but i disagree with that totally and will stop there before another arguement kicks off on the forum.

I agree a survey would be a good idea, what would be even better is to get them on top gear let JeremyClarkson talk us through them and let the stig have a go in all of the models, if anything else it would be good to see what supercars our kits would beat.


Andy S
17-07-05, 07:58 PM
Better still guys get yourselves down to Brands Hatch in the middle of September for Total Kit Car Live ! on the saturday all the major manufacturers have pit garages and you will be able to book drives on the track in the demonstrators!!!!!!!! best way to evaluate them all together for a long time, OH and we will of course be there in force with about 50 cars on the stand.
And if you bring the cob stay over with the rest of us as they have a general track day on the Sunday for under 200 if I remember the cost right might be about 180 but not sure

Grease Monkey
17-07-05, 08:08 PM
(JD Power Survey) Sounds like a good idea, but it's generally related to

* The reliabillty of the car
* The build quality of the car
* The standard of service from main dealers
* The costs of spares and servicing
* Value for money of the car, resale value


None of these are really relevant to kit cars, so it wouln't really work.

Andy S
17-07-05, 08:23 PM
Adrian I hate to dissagree but I would say every one on your list is applicable
1, Reliability, could cover running gear, engines - Ford/Chevy, and builders
2, Build Quality could cover Kit quality and build manual
3, Service from Manufacturers
4, Still applies
5, They all vary in resale value and its worth considering when building, you never know.

Just my thoughts , not trying to start a war or anything so no offence meant.

17-07-05, 08:50 PM
If you want to read up on the various kits with a non bias opinion there are several publications about that will give a very good starting point.

Other wise I would agree with Grease Monkey the points are useless as it would all depend on who it was who put it together as to the quality and reliability. There are some pretty poor kits about that have been put together by some very capable people which have turned out to be very good examples, and also some top quality kits put together by numptys which are very poor.

18-07-05, 12:28 AM
Completely pointless.
Most people here have only ever built one kit.
Those that have built more than one will have learned a lot from the first kit which will have helped them build the second kit, making them think that the second kit was an easier / better build.
All the different kits have their own traits, problems and virtues.

many kits have features that are very good for a certain type of owner and these features may be invaluable to some people but to others this feature may be worthless over a less ingenious features.
Test driving will probably reveal very little unless you are allowed to borrow the car for a week or so, as Bitsilly says . A 20 minute test drive in a new VW Golf might be adequate but a Cobra with over 400BHP (The main Jag based players all run demo cars with at least this much power) is a different matter. and I think the best way is to let the factory driver demonstrate the car to you, seeing as they will know how to throw it around.

The engine is unlikely to be related to the kit manufacturer and sometimes complaining about a supplier just causes trouble.
Build quality. I have seen, and finished off a number of Daxes, all of which have been built using the same build manual and all have varied massively in the way they were built and the way they have been finished.
Service form manufacturers....Good one!
No. 4...Ditto.
Resale value.......................That one is the killer, look at how much the dealers offer cars for and compare this with what the car will cost to build(Realisticaly)........

......then compare the build cost with a DB replicas fully built price....................You know it makes sense!!!!!:D :D :D ......Sorry, getting carried away with myself again.:p :-}

Grease Monkey
18-07-05, 12:58 PM

I thought you were booked up for 10 months already? What would you do with more business?!

18-07-05, 01:12 PM
Hi Adrian.
Only till February at the moment.:-}