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26-09-02, 04:33 PM
You are going to need some serious heat or an angle grinder(If you can get an angle grinder in).

26-09-02, 04:51 PM
Heats a possibility, I'm sure there must be a way without getting the cutting gear out though. As I've stripped the axle I've found things generally take little effort to free apart, its just a case of knowing which way to bash it rather than how hard.


26-09-02, 06:38 PM
Come to think of it, you might not need that much heat.
Put the whole lot in the freezer for an hour or so and then use a paint stripper type blow lamp to warm up just the bearing, that might just do the trick....I'm assuming that you don't have a suitable puller at hand.;-)

Steve H
26-09-02, 07:02 PM
Hi Jim
I tried several ways of getting these stubborn little devils of
and found the best way to be a 4 inch angle grinder, just be careful
you dont cut the bearing seat.


"Out Of My Depth".

26-09-02, 07:40 PM

You need a special extractor tool and a press to get it out without any damage, luckily I know someone who has both when I did mine. It basically is a circular clamp that comes in half using two big bolts. You clamp it on between bottom of the bearing and the hub, as it has a slight lip, then support the clamp and push the hub downward, and bingo! Propably a crap description, but so easy when you see it happening. If you live anywhere near Reading I am sure I could chat my mate up and get them off for you. Also the good bit is you can get the new bearing pressed on straight as well, which is your next problem.



26-09-02, 08:18 PM
Yup! as the others have said an angle grinder most of the way through the bearing inner cage but not all the way through, then a tap or two with a sharp metal chisel this way you should not damage the shaft. Once split it will fall off.
Fit the new one using a length of scaffold pole as a drift. It will fit just nicely over the shaft onto the diameter of the inner cage.

Kev Davies :-) :-)

26-09-02, 09:32 PM
I'm gonna go for the heat treatment jobby, I can see my self going straight through the hub shaft with an angle grinder.

Thanks for the scaffolding tip Kev, very handy.

Will let y'all know how it goes.


07-11-02, 08:17 PM
Take a look at the picture, I'm trying to extract the obvious bearing from the hub, I've tried levering it lightly with a screwdriver but no luck. Anyone know a trick for removal? Special tools?