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18-07-05, 10:34 PM
My custom pedal box (for better pedal ratio) moved the master cylinders higher up on the torpedo wall. I therefore have a small problem finding something to hold the brake and clutch fluids. Most bottles I have found is too tall (both the bottle in it self and the fact that the nipple for the hose is in the bottle pointing down). My brake master cylinder has no bottle attached on top of it (1” cylinder taken from a Mitsubishi) and nor does the clutch master cylinder (an Australian Girling clone). What I need is something not to tall, two feeds for the brake master and one for the clutch (can be one, two or three containers, it doesn’t matter). Feeds to hoses preferable attaching from the side instead of the bottom. I would also like to se that they come with some generic fastening brackets (I probably have to fasten then on my inner wing). Does anyone know of any suitable products?

Thanks / Bowtie

Andy S
18-07-05, 10:51 PM
Cant thimk of anything off the top of my head but perhaps a trip to a breakers yard, if you have them in Sweden will solve the problem ?

18-07-05, 11:38 PM

Look at Europa spares and Merlin motorsport web sites.
They have a range of bottles and nipples to suit.

You never know. May be worth a try.
Good Luck


19-07-05, 11:00 AM
Cant thimk of anything off the top of my head but perhaps a trip to a breakers yard, if you have them in Sweden will solve the problem ?That’s what I did yesterday and you would be surprised by how rare it is with remote bottles. Most of them are fitted directly on top of the cylinders...

19-07-05, 02:10 PM
Hi Bowtie,

You may remember I used a BMW pedal box with a Peugeot rally sport m/c and servo .

I used a shallow remote reservoir with twin outlets from Merlin Motorsports and had to make my own bracket. I bet you could tee off one of the feed lines to the brake m/c to supply the clutch m/c .



19-07-05, 03:12 PM
Thanks Tony, does Merlin Motorsports have a web site?

The original Mitsubishi reservoir is one option (if I can't find anything better). It is pretty low profile with twin (horizontal) outlets...


/ Bowtie

19-07-05, 04:01 PM

Try www.merlinmotorsport.com . Given what you have isnt that much worse than the simple clear two chambered plastic thing available from merlin could you tidy the Mitsubishi donor tank up first........get the polishing wheel and some clear laquer on the mounting bracket for a start. I take it the reservoir is plastic? You could experiment with some silver spray paint.......