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23-02-01, 07:31 PM
I am still undecided which expansion tank to put with my 350 chevy. I would like to get a chromed one rather than a plasic one. It does not necessarily need to be chromed but I prefer the metal type ones. The problem is that I do not know where to get a decent one from. I dont mind having a look around a scrap yard for one, but I do not have any idea of a suitable car that I could leach one from.

I know that Dax do a Polished Aluminium one but after posting and VAT that comes to about 110 and to me seems a bit on the expensive side, but hey, I have not got a clue what it would really be worth.

I hope that somebody is able to help me....

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23-02-01, 09:41 PM
The Stainless Steel header tank from GD would cost around 75 plus VAT, or you could wait until Stoneleigh and pick one up there, there are always stalls selling ods and sods.


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24-02-01, 02:23 PM
Pilgrim sell a fabricated steel tubular shaped one suitable for mounting vertically, on the bulk head is favorite in a Sumo. It costs about 35 I had mine chromed for another 25 and it doesnt look to bad not as good as some of the really flash ones you see on some cars but then in this game you only get what you pay for unless your able to make them yourself.

27-02-01, 06:23 AM
Look in Demon Tweeks, they have a selection there, just bear in mind you need to get it as high as possible. I bought the DAX one, expensive, but when you are in this game, in for a penny in for a pound! Also I have noticed it is exactly that item which lets the rest of the engine bay look down! Do what is in keeping with the rest of the look of the engine compartment otherwise you will regret it later!


27-02-01, 09:11 PM
you don't actually need an expansion tank if you are using a dax rad
you can use a quinflex tr37 flexible top hose and an inline 1 1/2"
water filler neck available from real steel part no.by63730 . it costs
around 23.00 . it may not look quite as pucker but your wont cook your engine, i've built over 30 daxes this way with no problems . good luck.

28-02-01, 02:31 PM
I've got a polished brass one,about 10"x6"x4"...it takes a standard cap..Yours for a tenner!!

03-03-01, 01:21 PM
Well, I have been in touch with this very nice bloke and it sounds exactly what I am looking for so money is on its way to him.

Many thanks for all your replies.

If I want something in the future, whether it is advice or an actual part, this is obviously a very good place to try.

Glad to be part of the cobra club..



03-03-01, 03:22 PM
A point to note regarding the Demon Tweeks of this world, you will pay a huge mark-up on parts ordered from them.

This is not restricted to Demon Tweeks only, all of the other mail order parts shops play the same game.

You are better off looking to either order direct if there is a direct outlet or you local auto parts people. I have found a vast difference in prices, and when you are spending the kind of money we do on parts etc, it makes it very worth while.

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