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21-07-05, 08:03 AM
Compomotive knock off wheels,
Does anyone here use them? - and if so can anyone advise me if the standard Trigo, PSE, Shelby, Accurate Machine Products, Wheel nut or tri-winged Lugnut has the same taper as the Compomotive wheel nuts?

Reason is I have two sets of Trigo and AMP lugnuts and am making my own front hubs and Compomotive are very nice looking wheels, and I will get them in 12" rears and 10" fronts for my backspacing!


21-07-05, 08:13 AM

10" fronts? Blimey that'll make the steering heavy won't it?


21-07-05, 08:30 AM

I hope not to heavy, if I can reduce the scrub steer etc when I sort out what I am doing with the front Jaguar hubs by moving everything inwards, like I think you did a while ago with your one piece hubs you had made, that may help, plus I am running a SBF alloy engine, and running gear, so that may help as well!

simon finlay
21-07-05, 12:16 PM
Different Simon, I had my one piece hubs made to my own design and they work very well, if you want me to check let me know what taper there is on the Compomotive items but I am not sure exactly what you want measured. Is it the taper of the spinners where they hold the wheel? or the actual nuts that hold on the adapters?, if it is the later I cannot measure these as I ground mine down to use as pin drives. Let me know I and will do what I can for you, cheers, Simon F

21-07-05, 12:46 PM

What I am trying to establish is with the actual nut that holds the wheel on to the hub, with the three lugs on it, Trigo supply alloy ones with their adapters and drive pins! On the back of this "Lugnut" there is a taper that fits into a wheel taper , I want to know if Compomotive wheels use the standard Cobra lugnut or have a different taper on their nuts, and if thats the case their wheels?

I havent got any Compomotive wheels as yet, but I have two sets of Lugnuts, one from my Trigos which I sold, and some Stainless lugnuts from Accurate Machine Products in California, these fit original wheels and most others!

Sorry to be complicated!!

simon finlay
28-07-05, 11:14 PM
Hi Ant, now know what you are after but I cant help I am afrais as I have Trigos and you already have this info, good luck though, Simon ps I need a Trigo hub dust cap, do you have a spare one?

28-07-05, 11:54 PM
Hi Simon,

With the knock off hubs you made up, did you move the Rotor flange over as well, or do
you use Jaguar Rotors, I realise the clearance between the upright and rotor will dictate this mainly?
Sorry I dont have a spare dust cap!

simon finlay
04-08-05, 03:07 PM
Hi Ant, every aspect of my new hubs stayed the same as the Jag ones except the mounting face for the wheel and the inclusion of the centre shaft for the knock-off, there for I kept Jag bearings, seals, rotors brakes etc. Nice and easy for replacement parts, Simon

04-08-05, 08:39 PM

How much did you move the face in?
I realise from the old posts that you machined the wheel face as well on the fronts to gain some, I am not sure whether I am going to use a brake hat yet so I might be able to go a bit more than that on my Ram.