View Full Version : Royal Oak - Midhurst, Sunday 29th Sep

30-09-02, 02:13 PM
Did anyone take a camera to the Royal Oak lunchtime gathering ?
My other half took "Edgar" along, but left her camera at home.
She tells me that there were around 20 cobras there (+ 1 real one), and that it was the best turnout for some time - probably down to the wonderful weather you're still having at home...
I'm sure that out of 20 cars, that someone must have had a camera - at least to submit something for the next issue of "Snake Torque"?
Linda was well made up - being the only female driver attending, albeit in my car!!
Thanks to those who made her feel welcome, and with luck she'll have my tonneau completed ready for spring...

p.s. - I'm awaiting the arrival of Tropical Storm Lili in the Gulf of Mexico, thank goodness I don't get sea-sick.
:( :(