View Full Version : Petrol filler position

27-02-01, 05:42 PM
I'm thinking of putting my petrol filler in the boot of my cobra instead of putting a hole in the bodywork. Does anyone know where I would stand legally? (SVA wise)

27-02-01, 07:43 PM
SVA is a bit woolly on this I think, down to examiners interpretation, ie:

Section 15:2

Test Procedure

Check all fuel system components and pipes for leaks, security, suitability of design/construction and positioning.

Reasons for fail

Insecure, subject to vibration, subject to corrosion, fouling, leaking, positioned near a heat source, filler cap not fitted, not secured positively, not incorporating adequate sealing.

I can find no reference to the siting of a fuel cap, but I guess an examiner could argue that if the cap was left off after filling up (I expect many of us have done this in the past!!!) the boot could fill with petrol??